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A positive attitude is good for seniors’ health

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Evidence abounds that a positive outlook impacts on a senior’s physical wellbeing, so how do you go about being positive day after day?     Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle should start by addressing mental and emotional health. The mind and body are so intricately connected, and mind-body pathways are powerful mechanisms […]

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Unpacking the COVID-19 antibody test at Clicks

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Wondering if what you thought was nasty flu a few weeks back may have been COVID-19? Or if you may be one of the fortunate individuals who are asymptomatic, and have had it without even knowing?     What is the main difference between a COVID-19 test and a COVID-19 antibody test? Unlike a COVID-19 […]

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How to online shop at Clicks

Posted By Angela W / 2 Comments

  To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve, we urge our customers to practice social distancing and minimize contact during lockdown. During this extraordinary time, our duty and focus is to ensure that essential Healthcare services and products are available to those who need them. Clicks stores and pharmacies remain open […]

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Senior Specials because Seniors are Special

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  Seniors, pensioners and retirees have become increasingly important in the South African economy, and these businesses offering senior specials recognize exactly that.   Sports Tours Feel the vibe of the crowd. See the expressions of the players. RUGBY WORLD CUP PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE.  to find out more. Reference You’ve Earned It when making a booking/enquiry […]

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