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Why Acorn Stairlifts is South Africa’s #1 selling stairlift?

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Needing freedom of mobility in your home with a stairlift? Find out how and why you can do this quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively while simultaneously complying with local legislation.     With Acorn you can have a stairlift installed within days of placing an order   Acorn Stairlift’s FastTrack® stairlift system has proven extremely successful, […]

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Regain your freedom at home

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Are you struggling with the stairs in your home? Here’s a perfect solution for your needs, which will help you regain your freedom.     At Acorn, we understand how difficult not being able to use your stairs can make your life. The more this struggle affects your day-to-day life, the more you feel you […]

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Awesome Autumn Deals for SA Seniors

Posted By Angela W / 0 Comments

  Although we are all being squeezed left, right and centre with increases in the cost of fuel, electricity, rates, groceries etc, we do need to factor in additional necessities in our lives, especially in the area of fun.  Here is a selection of YEI’s awesome autumn deals for SA seniors….   Sports Tours Feel […]

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The positive impact that Acorn Stairlifts has on peoples’ lives

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Considering purchasing a stairlift for your home?  Acorn Stairlifts have a positive impact on their clients lives.  We hear from a selection of clients who are enjoying the daily benefits of a stairlift.     When you consider purchasing a stairlift, it represents a significant investment.  You would like to be sure that you’re dealing […]

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