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You’re Over 60, retired or retrenched and maybe own a guest house, coffee shop,
garden or handyman service, accounting or consulting service.

You’re just not done yet. Your annual turnover is less than R 500 000.

You know that social media can get you to your market but it’s complicated.

You’ve spoken to an agency but it’s costly.

And just because your niece is on Instagram all day,
doesn’t mean she’s qualified to market your business.


So talk to YEI Digital. Because you’re not done yet.


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You want presence on the web to compliment and support your social media reach.

The page must be relevant, it must convey quickly what you are about.

Just because you are small doesn’t mean you need to look small.



You need to be in the right media.

We’ll get you there.

Facebook, Instagram and even Linkedin – each has a different purpose.

We’ll make it easy for you.



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To cut a long story short:


  • You’ve Earned It/YEI is the definitive distributor of pensioner deals, savings and benefits for Over 60’s in South Africa, whether that’s lower air flight prices, discounts from your favourite pharmacy or a special on a cup of coffee in a quaint coffee shop somewhere. They’ve got it all. If not already, try listing with them.
  • One of YEI’s shareholders is a company called Sherpa Brand & Design, which has travelled the road with YEI from its start.
  • Sherpa provides brand strategy and digital media to some corporates and mid-sized businesses. They’ve been around since 2006.
  • Being close to YEI, the Sherpa team asked themselves how they could offer something to small business owners over the age of 60 who (a) know that social media can work for them but don’t understand it and (b) just can’t afford it (it is a highly skilled, ever-changing turf).
  • It was of particular interest to Sherpa’s founder and CEO because he had just turned 61 and wasn’t done yet either!
  • YEI Digital was conceptualised and born.
  • YEI Digital is staffed by young digital warriors under the watch of experienced Sherpa jockeys.


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Talk to YEI Digital, we’ll get you there!

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