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InbeTWEEN things – The Grandparent Edition

This series of conversations highlights the vital role Grandparents can play
in their Grandchildren’s emotional wellbeing.
Milan Murray, founder of the parenting platform The My Story Tribe,
talks to a variety of guests from psychology professionals
to ordinary grandparents to inspire intergenerational involvement


Inbetween things grandparent edition episode 2

Episode 2:

Milan Murray, founder of The My Story Tribe speaks to two Grannies who have taken on the responsibility of Primary Caregiver for their Grandchildren.
They unpack the joys, the challenges and the profound influence they have on their Grandchildren’s emotional well-being.

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The My Story Tribe InbeTWEEN things - The Grandparent Edition

Episode 1: 
“Why is my Grandchildren’s Emotional Intelligence important?”

In this episode Prof. Dap Louw, Professor in Psychology at The University of the Free State,
explains why developing Emotional Intelligence in children is important,
and Bernard Kotze reveals how this is a challenge for a Grandfather with expat Grandkids.

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Give your Grandchild the gift of Emotional Intelligence!
The My Story Tribe is a digital platform that offers fun,
professionally developed resources for children
between the ages of 6 and 13 to help facilitate emotional growth.


The special bond between Grandparents and their Grandkids are like none other. While parents hussle and get stressed out by every day’s challenges, grandparents often have the time and the energy (and the wisdom!) to offer sound advice and invest in the development of children’s identity, confidence, and social skills.

The My Story journals were designed specifically for children of this age group to

  • Build self esteem
  • Develop empathy
  • Create a growth mindset
  • Encourage pride in their own life story

Get involved today! Help shape your grandchild’s beautiful sense of self.

Buy any of our products online and get 15% OFF
when you use the discount code ‘Grandparent’ at check-out.


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