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One Of The Most Trusted Gold & Diamond Exchange Companies in SA

If you’re interested in selling your gold and diamond jewellery, krugerrand and gold coins, or high-end luxury watches, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will arrange a free valuation.


Imagine having extra funds to travel, spoil your grandchildren, handle unexpected expenses, or simply indulge in life’s finer pleasures. It’s time to claim the financial freedom you truly deserve!

Look no further than The Gold Avenue, the most reputable destination for selling your gold and diamond jewelry, Krugerrands, and gold coins. With over 100 5-star Google reviews, our reputation speaks for itself. Trust is something we have cultivated through our dedication to providing honest assessments and delivering exceptional client service.

At The Gold Avenue, we don’t just exchange your precious items for cash; we exchange them for freedom, joy, and experiences of a lifetime.

Don’t let your golden years slip away! Visit The Gold Avenue and let us help you achieve the financial boost you need to continue living your best life.


Who We Are

The Gold Avenue is a highly reputable gold and diamond exchange company, recognized and trusted by individuals all across South Africa.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have firmly established ourselves as the go-to destination for anyone looking to sell their precious items.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing a seamless & secure selling experience, ensuring that every transaction is handled with utmost professionalism and care.

Whether you have gold jewelry, diamond rings, or other precious items, you can rely on The Gold Avenue to provide fair evaluations and competitive prices for your valuables.

Experience peace of mind and convenience when you choose us as your trusted partner in selling your cherished possessions.


What We Do

At The Gold Avenue, our specialized services go beyond just buying gold and diamond jewellery, krugerrand and gold coins, and high-end luxury watches.

Our team of experts, with their unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ensures that every transaction is handled with utmost care, attention, and professionalism.

We understand and deeply value the sentimental and emotional attachment that our customers have towards these precious items. That’s why we have developed a transparent valuation process, guaranteeing fair and accurate assessments.

Whether you are looking to sell, trade, or simply get an appraisal, you can trust The Gold Avenue to provide you with a truly exceptional experience that exceeds your expectations.


Why Choose Us

We take immense pride in being recognized as a trusted and reliable company within our industry.

With our industry experience and proven track record, we continue to exceed expectations and set the benchmark for excellence.


Here’s why:

  • 100+ 5-Star Google Reviews: Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. With over a hundred glowing reviews, you can trust our expertise and customer satisfaction.
  • Home Appraisals: We recognize that traveling with your valuable possessions can be a challenge, which is why we provide home appraisals to put your mind at ease. Our team of certified experts will personally visit you, ensuring a secure and convenient process right from the comfort of your own home. Terms & conditions apply.
  • Corporate Offices: Visit our dedicated corporate offices, where our knowledgeable staff will assist you every step of the way.
  • Safe and Secure Parking: Your safety and convenience are our top priorities. We provide safe and secure parking facilities for all our visitors.
  • Private Exchange Rooms: We understand the need for privacy when discussing your valuable items. Our private exchange rooms ensure confidentiality and peace of mind.
  • Transparent and Obligation Free Valuations: At our company, we firmly believe in conducting valuations that are fair and transparent. You can trust that our team of highly skilled appraisers will assess the value of your items with unwavering honesty. And here’s the best part: it won’t cost you a single penny.


Book Your FREE Valuation Today!

If you’re interested in selling your gold and diamond jewellery, krugerrand and gold coins, or high-end luxury watches, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our team at The Gold Avenue is ready to assist you with a professional and hassle-free experience.


To book your FREE valuation and discover the true value of your precious items:

  • Call us at 010 109 0080
  • WhatsApp at 076 393 5429
  • Visit our website
  • Or email us at

* Please note that The Gold Avenue is situated in Sandton, Gauteng.  If you do not reside in Gauteng, then please speak to us and we will see how we can assist you. 

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