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Whether you’re a grandparent, survivor, trailblazer or you’ve simply led ‘a life less ordinary’, you undoubtedly have a wealth of stories to tell. How often have your children listened, spellbound by your astonishing recollections from the past and said, “What an amazing story! If only you could write it down!”

I am offering to assist you in recording your history by creating a well-documented, personal memoir that will become a permanent record of your fascinating tales, key-life events and accompanying photographs of your unforgettable moments. Besides making for a wonderful gift, this coffee table book will become a historic family legacy for your children and future descendants to enjoy.

If your company is coming up for a milestone anniversary, you might be interested in sharing your history with clients, shareholders, staff and associates, by creating a magnificent commemorative brochure or coffee table book. You may wish to pay tribute to those who made it happen and share not only how you charted your way to profitability, but also the lessons learnt whilst navigating through choppy waters.




Today, the world is evolving at dizzying pace. Children are educating their parents, teaching us how to manoeuvre in the book-less, high-tech, socially-distant world we live in. Although we can’t beat them at computer games, we can teach them how to move forward by making sense of the past.  We are the critical link in the chain to our rich traditions and roots. Tell them about how you overcame the adversities that came your way and the lessons you’ve learnt. Tell them of a time when people spoke face-to face, and openly shared their feelings. Let’s journey into your bygone world….


If you have an interesting story to share that could be of interest to others,
so that you can share it with the important people in your life.


Don’t let those vivid memories dwindle in the recesses of your mind!


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