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Simply Organised

Reclaim the order back in your home or office



Thank you for taking the first step in investigating how Simply Organised can help you to de-clutter and organise your home so that you are surrounded by what is real and relevant to the lifestyle you are wanting to lead. Many of us go through periods in our life where we are overwhelmed by our belongings and just do not know where to start or what to sort out first leading to procrastination, further indecision and stagnation.

Simply Organised is a Cape Town based Professional Organising Service run by Tania Garde. Tania loves helping clients reclaim their space and restore order in their lives. She understands that your home is your Castle and all consultations are handled with strict confidentiality.





Make the call  or send us an email

T: 021-4218951
C: 073-2270314

Be ready for a gentle yet honest analysis of your space and the way forward

We will put together an action plan based on your individualised needs in your surroundings.

Your active participation.

Be ready to get involved in the implementation of your plan guided by Simply Organised.

What’s to be gained from de cluttering and organising your home or office

A well maintained organised home or office where everything has a space.
No more confusion as to where things are and how to get order back into your life.
With the benefit of a de-cluttered home your time management will improve.
Find things in a flash.
Frees-you up with time to do what’s important to you:
Go for a long walk
Read a book
Work in the garden
Be proud to invite people to your home or office

Do you have friends or family that could benefit from our services?

Give them one of our GIFT VOUCHERS:

  • 1 Hour Organising Session
  • 3 Hour Organising Session
  • 7 Hours Full day Organising Session


10% on a 7 hour session (per day)

Simply organised



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