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Retirement Accommodation – Northern Cape

retirement northern cape


A variety of retirement villages, old age homes, frail care centres and nursing homes in the Northern Cape. 




acacia parkACACIA PARKKIMBERLEY+ 27(0) 53 861 1923/4 Click here
Bullettrap dienssentrumBULLETRAP DIENSSENTRUM VIR BEJAARDESBULLETRAP+27 (0) 27 713 8654 Click here


Trans 50



ChristihennahofCalvinia027-341 1223 Click here
KenaniCarnarvon053 382 3010 Click here
MerwehofKamieskroonContact establishment for more information Click here
MerwehofKamieskroon027 672 1752 Click here
SilweroordKenhardt054 651 0425 Click here
Huis Stillerwee Vir BejaardesKimberleyContact establishment for more information Click here
Belgrave LodgeKimberleyContact establishment for more information Click here
Oranjehof OuetehuisKimberley
Contact establishment for more information
Click here
HeuwelsigKuruman053 712 1516 Click here
ChrisamiPrieska053 353 1326 Click here
DriefonteinRichmondContact establishment for more information Click here
EurekaUpington054 332 1986 Click here
Pionier SingelUpington054 332 1986 Click here
Pionier ParkUpington054 332 1986 Click here
Oranjehof housingUpington054 332 1986 Click here
Ons HuisVictoria West053 621 0556 Click here
Conroy housingVictoria west053 621 0556 Click here


Please note the following regarding the above Listings and Classifieds:


  • “Enquiry forms” are included in all YEI Listings.  If you have an enquiry or comment, please complete the enquiry form and this will be forwarded timeously to the retirement village/home concerned, for their direct response to you.
  • YEI Classifieds – please contact these retirement villages/homes directly in order to find out more.
  • The above information provides you with a list of retirement villages/homes available to South African 60-plussers. YEI does not recommend one retirement village/home over any other.
  • Please also note that the above is work in progress. YEI will add, amend, revise, delete and/or update information on this page from time to time.  YEI is not liable for any outdated information on this page or on the listings’ websites.
  • YEI endeavours to keep all information in the YEI Directory up-to-date and current.
  • The You’ve Earned It Disclaimer applies to all information on the YEI website.
  • The You’ve Earned It Terms and Conditions applies to all information on the YEI website.


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