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Last updated:  4 April 2024

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You’ve Earned It has obtained this information off the Nelson Mandela Bay’s website and can be found here.

Please contact your local Municipality for any enquiries regarding municipal matters e.g. rates, electricity, water etc.  You’ve Earned It is unable to assist with these enquiries.

YEI is not liable for any outdated information that may be reflected on this website.


This application is for a rebate on property rates only and not for water, electricity, etc
To qualify for a pensioners / disabled person`s property rates rebate, a retired or disabled property owner must:
(a) be a natural person or be a trust for which the municipality has, at its sole discretion, waived the criteria of natural person. In the case of such a trust the total number of beneficiaries must meet all the other requirements of this policy; and provided further that the total gross annual income of all persons residing on that property be added to the total gross annual income of the beneficiaries staying on that property; be the owner
(b) be the owner of the property;
(c) occupy the property as his or her normal residence or where the owner is unable to occupy the property due to no fault of his/her own, the spouse or minor children may satisfy the occupancy requirement;
(d) be a pensioner, i.e. be at least 60 years of age on 1 July of the financial year concerned; or if the owner turns 60 during the year the rebate will be granted on a pro rata basis from the date on which the applicant turned 60, or be a disabled person, i.e. be in receipt of disability grant / pension and submit proof of the nature of the disability. letter from doctor, with the application.
(e) be in receipt of a total gross annual income (as defined in Part 2 of the 2023/24 Rates Policy) from all sources,
excluding medical aid contributions and child support / grant, not exceeding R190,400 per annum (R15,866.67 per month),
(f) not be in receipt of an indigent subsidy.
In addition:-
(g) a usufructuary will be regarded as the owner;
(h) a person who has entered into a contract in a life right scheme and who is contractually liable for the rates on the unit will be regarded as the owner for rating purposes. A copy of the contract/agreement and the statement/document which states the amount of rates the applicant is paying for the unit must be attached to the application.
(i) The applicant and/or spouse and/or life partner should not be the owner of more than one property (with the exception of unproductive land or a parent child property); however in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the municipality the granting of the rebate may be approved if the applicant and/or spouse and/or life partner owns additional properties for which a market-related rental is included in the gross monthly household income – proof of this income must be provided.
(j) the owner will only qualify for one rebate per year, in other words the percentage rebate granted will remain in effect for the year, it will not be amended on an ad hoc basis should the household`s financial circumstances change during the year; and
(k) applications will only be considered if there are no outstanding balances on any of the owner`s accounts. If there are outstanding balances the application will only be considered after arrangements have been made at any Customer Care Centre, to pay the outstanding amounts. Furthermore, the owner must ensure that he/she continues to pay the rates accounts in full until the rebate is granted, as no interest will be reversed.
(Failure to do so will cause delays in the application being processed)
(l) certified copy/ies of owner/s` bar-coded identity document;
(m) pension statements (of owner and spouse), including SASSA statement; last 3 months (or the number of months determined necessary by the Chief Financial Officer) bank statements from all bank and investment accounts of owner and spouse, and proof of total gross annual income of any other persons living on the property (not just rental received). All documents provided must clearly state who it is for – documents which do not reflect person`s name or ID No. on them will not be considered;
(n) a certified affidavit declaring any assistance from any other sources including any assistance from family members not residing on the property. (Assistance received from family members not residing on the property will not however be included in the calculation of total gross annual income);
(o) provide a certified affidavit to explain all once-off monies received, e.g. gifts, donations, pension payouts (e.g. on retirement), all bonuses, refunds, cash deposits, etc.; and (p) in the case of a usufructuary – a certified copy of the legal document granting the usufruct such rights.
Kindly complete the following in full to any Municipal Customer Care Office or post to
P.O. Box 834, Port Elizabeth, 6001.

Only applications with the original commissioner’s oath stamp will be accepted, i.e. no copies or faxed applications will be considered.
Please note that the onus lies with the applicant to confirm that the application has been received by the municipalityRates and rebates for pensioners in nelson mandela bay

It is important to contact the Nelson Mandela Bay directly
via their website or call their help line at 0800 20 50 50
regarding any queries you might have, 
and to ensure that the information is up to date.



Please note: 

YEI is unable to respond to any queries regarding Nelson Mandela Bay  rates rebates for pensioners.

lease contact Nelson Mandela Bay directly as detailed above.

While every care is taken to ensure the validity of the information YEI cannot be held liable  for any outdated information that may have been reflected on the Government department’s or Municipalities website.


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