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With mySOS,
Help is one button press away!

Imagine having the peace of mind that if you found yourself in an emergency situation
– all you would need to do is push a button, and help would be on its way!

Imagine no longer!!  mySOS has the solution for you…

A standalone panic button which comes with a variety of life saving features.
Just one press and the rest happens automatically!

How does it work?

The mySOS panic button is a small wearable device which comes with a lanyard for easy wearing around the neck.  If you would prefer to wear the button on your wrist or on your belt – no problem…. you can purchase a wrist band or belt clip which the button fits comfortably into.

With this device right with you, wherever you are, you will never be alone.  If you need help, just press the Panic Button and the mySOS system will activate your emergency. Your emergency contacts will be notified with your GPS location, type of emergency and other relevant details.

So who are my emergency contacts and exactly how will they be notified?

Through our user-friendly web-based dashboard which allows you to set up and manage your information and panic button remotely.  You can load your medical details and choose and load your own emergency contacts.  These could be a medical response company, your family members and / or your retirement or housing estates’ control room.

When you press your mySOS button, the system will notify your emergency contact(s), they will be able to call you on your device (exactly like a phone).  If you are unable to talk – no problem…. your emergency contact will receive your GPS coordinates, so they will know exactly where you are, and help can be sent straight away. The device even has a fall detection – so should you fall, your emergency contacts will be alerted straight away, even if you are unable to press the button.

The mySOS panic button offers these lifesaving features:


    Fully stand alone. No mobile phone or app needed.
    Receive voice calls from authorized contacts
    Notify emergency contacts when a fall (impact) is detected.
    61 x 44 x 16mm and 35 grams and attaches easily to a lanyard.
    GPS coordinates are sent to your emergency contacts.
    Splash proof (IPx5), all good for a shower, in the rain or outdoors.

Click here to find out more or to order yours today!

YEI subscribers will receive 10% off of the purchase of your panic button
by quoting code YEI2020


The mySOS Standalone Panic Button is one of the easiest and best ways
to secure your estate and its 
valuable residents.

Imagine the possibility of an instant notification of an emergency – with GPS location, voice calls to the resident through the Panic Button, automatic fall detection and improved response times. With the mySOS Panic Button, we can offer you all this and so much more.


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There are various payment options available
depending on your needs.

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