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The Pool cleaning service you can rely on!
Southern Suburbs, Cape Town


Kleen a pool 


Take the hassle and guess work out of regular pool cleaning,
and enjoy peace of mind with
Kleen-A-Pool’s regular pool services! 

If you are too busy and don’t have the time, the knowledge or skills,
or even the inclination to carry out a regular pool cleaning service,
then let Kleen-A-Pool assist you with the following on a weekly basis.
Kleen-A-Pool was established in 2004.


pool cleaning equipment 1


The importance of routine and regular pool maintenance

Whether you are using a chlorine or a salt sanitation system,
your acidity alkalinity ratio (pH) needs to be checked and properly balanced.
If not properly balanced, problems will occur.
Regular pool clean services ensure that the right balance is maintained,
and keeps your pool water safe, comfortable and corrosion free.
Pool maintenance will do more than just prolong your fun in the sun!
It will also extend the life of your pool’s external parts and interior pool finish.


pool cleaning equipment 2


The swimming pool cleaning service includes:


  • Testing and balancing of pool chemicals.
  • Backwashing and rinse of the filter.
  • Brushing off sides of walls and steps, skim and pool vacuum


Regrettably, nothing lasts forever.  However, we will check and report on any damage to pool equipment and advise you if any parts need to be replaced or of any impending issues.

Please note that the following services, chemicals and new equipment are not included in a pool cleaning service:

  • Chemicals – you can either provide the chemicals, or we supply the necessary chemicals at an additional cost
  • Replacement of new equipment – for your cost
  • Leaks, pool pump repairs or replacement, salt chlorinator installation, sand change – we can refer you to recommended companies.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Thorough and Efficient!


Professional and Reliable


Owner always on site


Testimonials available on request


Excellent Rates, with a special rate for pensioners!

NB: This does not include chemicals – see above



Contact Rob Hallett
Cell # 083 561 6824

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