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Please reference You’ve Earned It/YEI,
the digital media platform for South African 60-plussers,
when making a booking or enquiry.



Business Listings

AcornACORN STAIRLIFTSNATIONAL0800 000 680 Click here

SILVERFITNATIONAL+27 (0) 11 481 4964 Click here

virgin activeVIRGIN ACTIVENATIONAL0860 200 911 Click here


YEI Classifieds


Independent Lifestyle CompanyNationalWe provide products to assist the Elderly and Infirm Click here
Pensioner packages and other Special offers Click here
TeleCare Solutions (Pty) LtdNationalWe provide products to assist the Elderly and Infirm Click here
PathcareNationalContact business regarding pensioner offers Click here
Witkoppen Health and Wellness centreGA - FourwaysSpecial consultation fee for Pensioners Click here
Hear ClearKZN - DurbanAudiology Services offered and Take an online FREE hearing test Click here
TH AudiologyKZN - Durban & BallitoAudiology Services offered and Take an online FREE hearing test Click here
Dental Care DurbanKZN - Durban North
Pensioners day on the last Thursday of each month Click here
Dr. Smith (GP)
MP - Nelspruit
Pensioners discount Wednesdays - 55 years and older Click here
Atlantic Vision OptometristsWC - Cape TownContact business regarding pensioner deals and offers Click here
Brian Roos OpticianWC - Cape TownWe offer subsidised options for disadvantaged people Click here
Helderberg HospiceWC - Cape TownContact us to find out about our wide range of services Click here
Sports ScienceWC - NewlandsContact business for Senior Citizen membership fees Click here
Michele Hlava OptometristsWC - Somerset WestContact business for pricing plans Click here


Please note the following regarding the above Listings and Classifieds:


  • “Enquiry forms” are included in all Business Listings.  If you have an enquiry or comment, please complete the enquiry form and this will be forwarded timeously to the business concerned for their direct response to you.
  • YEI Classifieds – please contact advertisers directly in order to enquire about the details of their pensioner/senior offer.
  • The above information provides you with a list of businesses that provide discounts, services, savings or benefits to South African 60-plussers. The information provided does not mean that YEI recommends one Service Provider over any other, or that it recommends these Service Providers over any others who are not listed on this website.  YEI recommends that you request references prior to making a commitment with a particular business. Where possible, YEI will provide references within a Business Listing.
  • YEI will add, amend, revise, delete and/or update information on this page from time to time.  However, You’ve Earned It is not liable for any outdated information on this page or on the listings’ websites.
  • YEI endeavours to keep all information in the YEI Directory up-to-date and current.  Rates are generally not included in a Business Listing.  However, YEI will provide a link to the rates page of the business concerned, wherever possible.
  • The You’ve Earned It Disclaimer applies to all information on the YEI website.
  • The You’ve Earned It Terms and Conditions applies to all information on the YEI website.


Business Listings

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Cape Hearing Aids

Silver Fit – Senior fitness in South Africa