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Dulux Specialist Paint Centre Krugersdorp

Dulux Specialist Paint Centre in Krugersdorp
boasts a comprehensive range of fine decorative products
developed and perfected through
local and international R&D initiatives




We have good technical knowledge on our products and over 25 years experience in the industry

We also stock an associated line of Paint rollers, Brushes, Sandpaper, Sealants, Turpentine,
Lacquer thinners, Waterproofing material and more

Wallpaper samples can be viewed and ordered on site

We also do colour evaluation, as well as estimating paint quantities





Dulux is one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers and the world ‘s leading brand of premium quality paints, their success is often enhanced by their ability to meet market needs with quality products and value-added services

Dulux is at the forefront of decorating and protecting the spaces we live and work in




Not sure of what products to use to suit your decorating needs?

Don’t know what colours to choose?

We can assist you with answering these questions.
Our trained staff can help you choose the right products from our vast range in the shop as well as assist with the choice of the right colours to fit in with your decorating ideas


Four decorating problems – and how to avoid them

Expert advice on how to cope with decorating challenges


1.Avoid moldy walls Many homes can get damp in areas like basements, utility rooms and bathrooms but the good news is that with proper ventilation and dry conditions, you can stop mold growing in its tracks. The simplest thing you can do is turn on extractor fans or use de-humidifying units when cooking or bathing. If the problem persists, scrub with one of the following solutions: either 4:1 water/HTH (chlorine), or 4:1 water/JIK (sodium hypochlorite). Ensure that the areas are completely saturated, and allow the solution to react for a minimum of 4 hours. Rinse the complete wall surface thoroughly with clean water.

2.Avoid noticeable cracks and holes If your walls have any holes, it’s important that these are filled before you start painting. If there’s any dust inside a hole in your wall, brush it out and then apply an all-purpose filler using a knife or spatula. Wipe away any excess filler and smooth the surface with the blade. For deep holes, it’s best to wait for each layer of filler to dry before applying the next. For a really smooth finish, sand the area with a dry piece of sandpaper, then cover it with a layer of primer or a thinned coat of paint, and finally paint over the whole wall.

3.Avoid leaving roller marks The ideal roller for most jobs will have a medium ‘pile’ (thickness). Short piles don’t hold much paint, so you’ll have to keep re-applying, while long piles can trap too much paint and leave roller marks. If you can, avoid buying cheap foam rollers – these absorb more water than more expensive, quality rollers.

4.Avoid leaving brush strokes Synthetic bristle brushes work best on water-based paints, as they absorb less water, helping to eliminate heavy brush marks. If you’re painting a tight space, choose a brush with tapered bristles to help you get into corners and grooves with ease. If you’re using a brush to ‘cut in’, it’s best to choose an angled brush with one side longer than the other.


Special pensioners/senior citizens packages

10% discount for Pensioners


To contact us about this pensioner/senior citizen discount,
or to make enquiries

  Contact Dulux Specialist Paint Centre in Krugersdorp direct – see contact details below.


Please reference You’ve Earned It / YEI 224 when making an enquiry or Purchase.






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