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A variety of courses, IT Assistance and Tutorials
especially for 60-plussers



Designing your next season of life 50+ Click here




How to use Zoom
Click here


Online Shopping


Clicks How to online shop at Clicks Click here
How to download the Checkers Sixty60 app
on to your smartphone.
Click here
How to online shop at Checkers Click here
How to online shop at Pick ‘n Pay Click here
How to online shop at Woolworths Click here




Please note the following regarding the YEI Directory of Digital Solutions


  • The above information provides you with a list of resources providing courses, IT assistance and Tutorials to South African 60-plussers. The information provided does not mean that YEI recommends one resource over any other, or that it recommends one of these resources over any others who are not listed on this website.
  • YEI will add, amend, revise, delete and/or update information on this page from time to time.  However, You’ve Earned It is not liable for any outdated information on this page or on the resources’ websites.
  • YEI endeavours to keep all information in the YEI Directory up-to-date and current.  Some of the above resources are free.  Some of the courses will have a cost attached.
  • The You’ve Earned It Disclaimer applies to all information on the YEI website.
  • The You’ve Earned It Terms and Conditions applies to all information on the YEI website.


If you would like to be considered as one of the resources
providing SA 60-plussers with a course/class/IT assistance etc,
please contact us on info@youve-earned-it.co.za


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