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Co-living directory for 60-plussers in South Africa


co living directory

Looking for 60-plussers to join you

in your co-living accommodation?

Register your accommodation options
in YEI’s co-living Directory.
No cost involved 

#Support Pensioners

NB:  Please note T’s and C’s below


Co-living meaning

A co-living space is a space rented by a number of people, who are all living under the same roof and in a community, but who will all have their own contract. Co-living spaces typically entail a private bedroom and bathroom and communal eating and living spaces.


Co-housing meaning

Co-housing or flat-sharing generally refers to a number of people sharing a traditional family style house that has not been directly designed to be shared. Usually, co-housing will be entirely communal apart from each resident’s bedroom. 

For the purpose of this YEI Directory, we will refer to co-living



Wilma BucktonCape Town, Western Capewilmabuckton@gmail.comWilma and her husband are looking for a house/flat sharing opportunity in Cape Town from 1 May 2024


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If you would like to list your co-living
accommodation options on the YEI platform,
please complete the following form.
NB:  Note the Terms and Conditions below:


Terms and Conditions

  • YEI advises those wanting to advertise co-living on this site to ensure that they have considered all legal obligations and processes.  YEI’s recommendation is that you consult a lawyer to ensure that you have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s.
  • YEI reserves the sole right to accept or reject listings in its entirety at our sole discretion and without explanation, if we believe that such listing or content may be detrimental to the welfare of our readers and/or is not suitable as the type of listing for which we aim to feature on this particular page.
  • YEI has a general duty of care towards its clients and senior readership.  Therefore, YEI reserves the sole right to remove, suspend or discontinue the listing of any co-housing/co-sharing accommodation option that fails in their offering – at our sole discretion and without explanation.
  • YEI undertakes not to sell or share the information to any third party, but listers should note that information supplied by yourselves will be visible to anyone who reads this page.
  • Should you encounter any untoward or unscrupulous dealings with anyone listed in this website, please advise us immediately, as YEI would not wish to be associated with a business or person of this kind.  Such a listing will be removed immediately.
  • On the flip side, if you wish to award accolades to any establishment or business, please advise us, so this can be drawn to the attention of the readers.
  • YEI tries its best to keep all information current in this Directory, but there is the possibility that you will encounter outdated information.
  • YEI cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy.
  • YEI has no control over external, third-party sites.
  • A link is not an endorsement.
  • Read any terms of service carefully before signing up.
  • YEI and its owners are not responsible for anything that takes place as a result of your usage of any sites linked to from You’ve Earned It.
  • By visiting this website and utilizing the information contained herein, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and assume full responsibility for the consequences and hold the owners and operators of You’ve Earned It harmless.
  • Please note that this list will be updated on a weekly basis.
  • Please refer to YEI’s Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions prior to submitting this free listing registration form.
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