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Last updated:  November 2023

Please note: 

You’ve Earned It has obtained this information off the City of Johannesburg’s website and can be found here.

Please contact your local Municipality directly for any enquiries regarding municipal matters e.g. rates, electricity, water etc.  You’ve Earned It is unable to assist with these enquiries.

YEI is not liable for any outdated information that may be reflected on this website.


Pensioner Rebates for Rates in Johannesburg


The City is sensitive to the needs of its senior citizens. Registered property owners who are pe​nsioners may apply for a reduction of rates, subject to certain criteria. Pensioner’s rebate application forms are available from any municipal Customer Service Centre.

The process of applying for a rebate varies from category to category so it is important to check out each section carefully and follow the steps outlined. ​Some rebates are awarded automatically while you will have to apply for others.


Two categories of Pensioners: 

This is not an automatic rebate as there are two categories of pensioners.

1. 60 – 69 Years Old

Application form for Pensioner Rebate on Property Rates for Pensi​oners​ Aged 60 years and older​​ ​(Click h​ere​)

​The pensioner application form may also be downloaded from the website.

The City is sensitive to the needs of its senior citizens. Registered property owners who are pensioners may apply for a reduction of rates, subject to certain criteria. Pensioner’s rebate application forms are available from any municipal Customer Service Centre.

There are 3 categories of pensioners defined in this category:

Pensioners dependent on a national security grant – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
Pensioners whose gross monthly earnings are less than R9753 delete R9753 and put (R10 338)  less a month – 100 percent rebate (subject to criteria);
Pensioners whose gr oss monthly earnings are higher than R9753 delete R9753 and putt (R10 338 ) but less than R1671 delete (R16716 and put R17 719)  a month – 50 percent rebate (subject to criteria).

Pensioner criteria:

You are the owner of the property in respect of which the rates are charged;
You live on the property;
You must be at least 60 years old;
The total value of the property as per the General Valuation Roll, that is, the land plus the improvements, may not exceed R2.5 million.

Documentation required:

Your identity document;
Proof of income for the previous tax year (SARS assessment); and
Proof of current income.

2. Pensioner rebate: 70 year old and above

Application form (Click here)
This is not an automatic rebate.
The City will provide 100% rebate to pensioners age 70 and above, irrespective of income, on condition that the maximum value of the property, does not exceed R2.5 million .

Pensioner criteria:

You are the owner of the property  in respect of which the rates are charged;
You live on the property
You must be at least 70 years old;

Document required: A Certified copy of Identity Document


The City wishes to advise pensioners that the existing pensioner rebate must be renewed before the beginning of the new valuation roll which is 01 July 2023. All pensioner rebate renewal applications may be sent to the City from April 2023.

The updated pensioner rebate application forms is available from the City’s walk-in centers or from or downloaded from the City’s website

The pensioner rebate application forms must be submitted to the nearest walk-in centre and a reference number must be obtained.

NB.: All residents who become pensioners and are eligible for a pensioner rebate may submit a ‘new’ application at any time subject to the conditions set out in the City of Joburg rates policy.


City of Johannesburg logo

It is important to contact the City of Johannesburg directly
via their website  or call their help line at 0860-JOBURG or 0860 562 874
regarding any queries you might have and to ensure that the information is  up to date.



Please note: 

YEI is unable to respond to any queries regarding
COJ rates rebates for pensioners.

Please contact City Of Johannesburg directly as detailed above.

While every care is taken to ensure the validity of the information YEI cannot be held liable  for any outdated information that may have been reflected on the Government department’s or Municipalities website.


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  • Yvonne Walker says:

    Are similar rebates offered to pensioners in Tshwane?

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Yvonne, we are in the process of compiling similar articles for other Municipalities throughout South Africa, keep an eye on our website for updates. In the interim I would suggest you either go to their website at or go to their Customer Service Centre to enquire. Angela (YEI staffer)

  • Dimakatso Letoaba says:

    Awaiting for that in Tshwane

  • Avril Wood says:

    Good day

    I applied for Pensioners Rebate at the end of June 2018, my forms were handed in at Belim in Glenvista where the COJ and DA were assisting pensioners.
    To date I have not received a rebate or any correspondence from COJ.
    My account No: 501 555 229 –

  • Rene Rupping says:

    How often must a pensioner apply for the rebate?
    Thank you.

  • susan wentzel says:

    Hi Avril, I also have applied twice and nothing… i was just googling someone or some where that can help

  • Desi O'Neale says:

    Hi All,

    I do consultancy work and will not mind assisting, by enquiring on your behalf.
    Kindly drop me a whatsapp if you are interested.
    0610570058 whatsapp

  • Marilynh says:

    Hi everyone – please note that YEI is unable to assist with rates rebates for pensioners. You do need to contact your local municipality in this regard.


  • Elizabeth says:

    How do I get my electricity bill to apply for rebate. I stay in sectional title and my body corporate cannot give me my personal electricity bill to apply citing they don’t have individual accounts. My question to them is on whose account do I pay my account as city of joburg supply us. Can someone help I am desperate

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Elizabeth

      Unfortunately YEI is unable to advise. Please contact the City of Joburg direct.

      Kind regards

  • linda furman says:

    Do you qualify if you are a resident of SA or is it only for SA Citizens

    • Marilynh says:

      Hi Linda
      You will need to check your query directly with the City of Johannesburg.
      Regards, YEI

  • Monica Priestley says:

    Account Number 202 698 109.
    I applied for pensioner rebate in June 2018. Papers handed in at Sandton Municipal Offices Ref No: 8004012192 I have had no response!
    I applied again at Sandton Municipal Offices in April 2019, given a new Ref. Number 800 441 4109 when can I expect a reply.

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Monica
      You will need to direct your query directly to the Municipal Office concerned.
      Regards, YEI

  • Hilda says:

    Good day
    I am a pensioner 62yrs of age, my husband passed away 5 months ago. I am in the process of rebate but can somebody tell me who to contact as I will not be able to manage my arear electricity bill. I paid for prepaid box which was never installed, my late husband was on ESP. Problem now I need my electrical prepaid box to be installed and can’t the arear account be written off? Or half? Please advise. Thank you

  • D Dodgen says:

    Do we have to re-apply annually for our Pensioner Rebate?
    We do not have SASSA cards but earn below R12,000 per month, is this a problem?

  • Piers Franklin says:

    I am 72 years old and sent my forms in on the 16thm August 2019. To date nothing heard, account no: 400072024, ID No: 4706265093086, Cell No: 0828805449,
    Please help to obtain when rebate will be implemented?. Thank you. P. Franklin.

  • Lerato says:

    Good day,

    Please advise what the process/procedure is to get rebate should the pensioner who was the owner is now deceased. Is there a discount of some sort for those left especially if they are unemployed where rates are concerned.

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Lerato

      You would need to approach the City of Johannesburg for their response to your query. Regrettably, we are unable to assist.

      Regards, YEI

  • dheshan naran says:

    what is the process to apply for a pensioner rebate ? &
    Where does one submit the forms for the pensioner rebate?

    Thank you