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Are you or a loved one struggling with stairs in your home?

A stairlift can give you back your freedom
and enable you to carry on living in the home you love


acorn stairlifts


Acorn Stairlifts has been a world market leader in the manufacturing and installation of stairlifts since 1992. Within the last few years, Acorn has expanded their presence in South Africa with a national network of installers and surveyors available to meet your Stairlift needs.

Acorns’ South African offices are based in Cape Town with a call centre and a fully stocked distribution facility. There are also stock facilities based in Johannesburg and Durban, thus offering a  network that gives the customer the benefit of prompt and efficient service all over South Africa.

Acorn has stairlifts suitable for all types of staircases and they are so easy to use. Their stairlifts really help you “REGAIN YOUR FREEDOM” in your home. It’s often a tough decision to move house when the stairs become a real problem but Acorn enables you to “LIVE IN THE HOME YOU LOVE”


Acorn stairlifts


There are 3 main types of stairlifts available.

Straight stairlifts: the most common stairlift for the most common type of staircase.

Curved stairlifts: for staircases which curve round.

Outdoor stairlifts: as some properties have outdoor steps either to get into the building or in the garden.

This simple device for transporting people up and down stairs has become so popular, thanks to the independence it gives.

Acorn Stairlifts have had thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and this is what some of our customers are saying here in South Africa:

I hereby wish to thank you all for the outstanding experience I encountered with Acorn Stairlifts.

I contacted the company for a quote after my husband was paralyzed on his right side after a major stroke. Living in a double storey house made it close impossible to move from the top to bottom level. We could manage but were afraid that we, the caretaker, my domestic worker and I might slip and cause injuries to my husband or ourselves.

Mark who initially contacted me for a quote as requested, was friendly and professional. The quotation was given immediately. After a few other quotations, I was sure Acorn was the way to go.

At all times Salome kept me updated on where we were in the process to install the stair lift.  Amazingly was the service received from Gavin, who installed the whole stair lift all by himself. The way he arranged the parts, drilling tiles (without breaking one), set up the lift, tested and re-tested the working of the stair lift was just a confirmation of his pride. He then made me comfortable using the stair lift. He cleaned up all dust and empty boxes leaving my house spotless. Beside all this, he is so polite, efficient and professional. He is welcome in my home at any time.

Now we move my husband from the top to bottom level without fear. My husband enjoys the comfort of the stair lift and the frequent moving up and down.

Thank you to all the people involved helping to make our lives easier.

Noeline Joubert – Centurion – Pretoria

 I herewith wish to extend my gratitude and full appreciation to ACORN STAIRLIFTS for the installation of a heavy duty stairlift at my home.

Not only was their service friendly, and executed very promptly but the installation was done very professionally with much attention to smart finishing.

Via the internet, I received confirmation that Acorn stairlifts are the biggest stairlift company globally, but I can also confirm that their quotation for the project was by far the best from those that I have received!!!!

Thanks again for a job well done!!!

J. Möller – Stellenbosch – Western Cape


Acorn stairlifts


What separates Acorn Stairlifts from their competitors is that everyone that purchases an Acorn Stairlift becomes part of the Acorn Stairlifts Family. This is apparent from the first contact, to the first experience riding the # 1 selling stairlift in the world and beyond. Acorn Stairlifts prides itself on being available every step of the way. Somewhere in the world, an Acorn Stairlift will be installed every 9 minutes!


Make your next step a safe one with Acorn Stairlifts!


Join the thousands of people who have benefited
from our stairlifts worldwide and

“Give your life a lift”


Contact Acorn today on 0800 000 680 for a free quote

or complete the  form here and we will get back to you






Contact number: 0800 000 661



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Are you or a loved one battling with stairs in your home?



  • mike says:

    ita a shame these stair lifts are far too expensive for todays pensioners.

  • Marthie says:

    Some medical aids sponsor many of these things.. The problem is that Acorn is not registered by the Department of Health (I think) and does not have a nappi code for it.. So medical aid cannot assist and like Mike said… way too expensive for pensioners to pay out of your pocket.

  • Mark Morris says:

    Good day Mike and Marthie,

    We at Acorn understand that cost is a very important factor, this being said we now have a range of cheaper reconditioned models available in the quest to make stairlifts more affordable for pensioners.

    We have previously applied with the Board of Heallthcare Funders for a Nappi code however it’s a big wall to climb but we are pursuing this and hopefully we’ll have some positive feedback in the near future.

    Best regards
    Mark Morris
    General Manager
    Acorn Stairlifts South Africa