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Re:Invent Yourself for Retirement

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What is Retirement? It is essentially a period of major change in your life.


Be it a change of focus or a change in work status, it has a major impact on all aspects of living:

  • Your Identity
  • Your Money
  • Your Routine
  • Your Purpose
  • Your Social networks

Pending or looming retirement can leave one feeling alone and bewildered about what it is you need to do to prepare for this change in status. Leaving the formal work environment results in the loss of:

  • Colleagues with whom you have had social interaction
  • Working 40-60 hours a week with all its inherent structure and routine
  • Recognition that is part of your identity
  • A defined purpose that is intertwined with the concept of earning money for the survival of the family unit
  • The opportunity to contribute to the community through the business you operate in
  • Your current, familiar lifestyle.  Home life will change too once you spend more time at home

Re:Invent is a company recently formed in Cape Town to provide a proven, structured approach to help you navigate these changes.

We will assist you to address the needs arising out of the changes around retirement by helping you find your purpose in either a paid or voluntary position. We will assist in the process of repositioning yourself for a new mode of operating in the work place by providing an opportunity to rebrand yourself to address your needs as well as to identify opportunities in the market place.

Examples of repositioning yourself:

  • We offer a facilitation process that will help you to identify what you would like to offer, helping you sort these skills into a meaningful package, followed by coaching you into the position. An example is a retired CEO might take his industry knowledge to a broker who sells companies and offer to assess businesses for buying and selling.
  • We offer training in facilitation skills to enable you to use your knowledge of a particular industry to generate an income. For example, offering a needs analysis, a strategic analysis, or a business process optimisation on a company.
  • We offer workshops to guide you into using your home as an asset to generate income through AirBnB.

Re:Invent also acknowledges that you have changing social needs as you approach retirement. Not only do you leave behind a network of colleagues in the formal work environment, but you need to meet people to find new opportunities. Re:Invent’s monthly Meet-up Networking breakfasts will provide you with the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people as well as the opportunity to listen to guest speakers presenting relevant topics for those approaching retirement. For more information on these meet-ups and to sign up to attend a breakfast meeting, click here.

For more about Re:Invent, click here.



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