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Content in Retirement

By February 4, 2013May 24th, 20185 Comments

Can we be happily content in retirement against a back drop of a soaring cost of living, rampant health care costs, shrinking incomes and a collapsing economy?  Yes we can…..

Many tell me I am foolish to go against the grain, that I must accept today’s life as it is, but I am an idealist and know that a better life is possible. I, on the other hand think that others are short sighted for not awakening to the instability of the world we live in today. A world that CANNOT possibly sustain its’ elderly. Should we be taking some responsibility for this?

I am a baby boomer, one of the generation born between 1946 and 1964. I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with being a part of this most selfish generation and to a certain extent agree with the younger generations that we should be ashamed of our legacy. We are also known as the luckiest generation, but how you handle good fortune is surely just as important as how you deal with adversity. We thought we had it all and compared to the generation before us we did. We spent our adolescence enjoying the freedom of the 60’s and knew we could expect a constant improvement in our standard of living. Do we still expect our standard of living will constantly improve?

A series of life changing events steered me on my path of “making good”. For the past three years now I have been working closely with Baby Boomers. There are those who have coined the phrase SKI, Spend Kids Inheritance, those who will not see the erosion of the worlds economy, those who believe their retirement funds are “safe” in the hands of investors and those who have already plunged into deep despair at the poverty they face. Of course this is a generalisation and there are always those who are the exception. I am wanting to link up with people who are not trapped in a certain blindness. People who still see the possibility of a better life.

We are now the older generation. Our ancestors would believe that we have developed wisdom. I now have the wisdom to know that simple, traditional ways mean steady and lasting progress. I am blessed to have been raised in a traditional household by the generation that went before us. I can compare this modern world with the traditional one I loved and lost sight of. We were raised with values.

So, how can this luckiest generation change popular opinion. We have experienced life in a world before television and cellphones. We have experience of a less complex life. We have experience of life without burglar guards on the windows and security guards. We have experience of creating our own games for our leisure time. We have experienced being friends with our neighbours. We have experience of discipline in our schools. The list goes on and on. We are the luckiest generation, and probably the last living generation, who have experienced life before globalisation. Now can we be wise and use this experience to change our legacy and leave this world a better place.
Slow steady progress. We are living longer, we have the time. How we spend these bonus years we have been blessed with is of critical importance.

For me personally, the answer is grow your own, make your own, sell your own, reduce consumption and share this simple way of life with the younger generations. This is the legacy I would like to leave for my children and my grandchildren.

Traditional Treasures, a self-sufficient, subsistence farming community, is my dream. I am looking for like-minded people to share this dream with me and make it a reality.

Let us be remembered for how we play the second innings in our game of life, and go down in history as the generation who redeemed themselves and left this world a better place. Would interested parties please phone Letty on 0725507095 or email



  • Marilynh says:

    Letty – where do you envisage Traditional Treasures will be located?

    Marilyn, YEI Editor

    • Letty Fox says:

      Hi Marilyn, I am looking at land in Montagu. Has 5 borefoles, fruit and nut trees, solar energy. Keeping costs down is vitally important for the older generation so that we are not held hostage by soaring electricity costs, water charges etc. Also, growing your own you are eating healthier meals. Fresh air etc. Joining hands so you are never alone. I so believe it is the only way. Plus showing our kids an ALTERNATIVE, which they have never known. Please let me know if you can help in any way. I am in touch with Jackie Dittberner, from Underberg. She is trying to do it on her own. Very difficult. Congrats on your website. What a fabulous forum for older people to share their thoughts.
      Warm regards, Letty.

  • Great article. The Boomers were indeed a lucky generation in many respects if one discounts the Vietnam’s and Angola’s etc as mere aberrations, which we can’t. Even war was far simpler then.

  • Alan says:

    An interesting article Letty. While I agree with your sentiments and admire your intention to create Traditional Treasures in Montagu, I believe the real job is to create supportive communities within our existing residential areas. Walled Townhouse complexes and Gated communities lend themselves to a more connected lifestyle – but how to get people out of a ‘closed” mentality. I’d appreciate your comments on a Transition I refer to as “Me to We” and provided you take it with a large pinch of salt the 3rd Zeitgeist Movie is worth considering. Alan

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