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Retiree Reflections video series

The You’ve Earned It/YEI Retiree Reflections video series features real conversations with people who are living in the pre- or post-retirement stages of their lives.

You’ve Earned It/YEI is hosting this video series, with sponsorship from Just SA.  YEI interviews a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and different cultures and who have a range of different experiences in their lives.  These folk will give you titbits on how to squeeze more out of the third part of your life.  Titbits such as living longer and healthier with a better quality of life and hopefully a more financially secure life while in the prime time of your life.  They believe that knowledge is power as you approach and enter retirement, and they share some of that knowledge with you.

The retirees and pre-retirees interviewed have no intention of slowing down in retirement, but are in fact cranking up the pace of life.  They are making it their business to have fun in retirement and experience life like never before.


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