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Spring brings change and change keeps us on our toes! Many of you have been asking if we can highlight new advertisers as and when they come on board. Our talented creatives have come up with the following – please go to the homepage of the website ( (log in first!) and then click on the left bottom banner. Let us know if you like this new development!

YEI will be showcased at The Retirement Expo 2012 in Johannesburg. If you are a Gauteng resident, do come along and say “hello”. Why not try your luck to win one of five double tickets on offer to the Expo?! And tell all your family and friends about our amazing competition being run in conjunction with the Expo. A whopping 16 prizes up for grabs – a BIG thank you to the sponsors!

As part of the Retirement Expo, YEI will be featured daily on the Jenny Cryws-Williams afternoon show on Radio 702 in the week of 22-26 October.
Again – nice prizes on offer! Have a listen!

The YEI News Column congratulates the winners of our competitions and updates you on snippets of useful and interesting information, such as “Eligible for a rates rebate?”, and half-price theatre tickets . We also introduce the “YEI chuckle of the month”. This month’s chuckle is highly recommended – click here to take a look! Remember to log in first.

Nedbank, Auto and General and YEI all have something in common this month. We are all concerned about the safety – online and at home – of our boomers, seniors and retirees. Nedbank speaks about online fraud and their latest initiative in internet banking security. Auto and General give you tips on how to protect your home. YEI fills you in on a new online shopping scam! All worth a read, and a comment, especially if you have fallen victim to any of these calamities.

There’s something for everyone in this month’s e-Newsletter – read the final chapter on a retiree who has achieved his dream, come and have a chuckle and a comment on “Fifty-one shades of grey”. Is it time for a woman to take the reins? And get to know your retrenchment rights. Plus more tickets are up for grabs at Theatre on the Bay.

Please spread the YEI word to your friends, family and your local businesses. Do tell them about the FREE company listing option on YEI. Lets build YEI together, because …. YOU’VE EARNED IT!

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Silver-tongued messages, packaged in dollars, make many level-headed people do irrational things. And technology is making it all happen at the speed of a click. You would approve of what Nedbank is doing to prevent online fraud.


Whether you’re retired, nearing retirement or conscientiously planning ahead, come and discover a multitude of ways to reward your decades of hard work, with a well-planned and inspired retirement!


If you are reading this, and think you are in for an all-revealing book review, I hate to disillusion you! The topics of embracement, love and romance will come up, but not in the fictional way!


Despite a scary snow blizzard, the 2083 km adventure of retiree/cyclist/pilgrim Elred Lawrence, 60, has culminated in an emotional end at St Peters in Rome. Take a look at the final chapter...


Doom and gloom are settling in.  What has happened to that exuberant optimism post-1994?   YEI looks at current challenges and crises, and mulls over the advantages of a woman taking the reins.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember the rule your parents taught you, and you taught your children? Apply it to online shopping and prevent falling victim to an online scam.


Retrenchment benefits may seem few and far between but make sure you know your rights in terms of what is due to you and structure your package optimally...


Auto & General provides you with some invaluable advice on how to protect your home when you are on holiday – not only security-wise, but practical advice on how to avoid those household calamities.


A record 16 prizes to be won!! YEI invites you to enter this wonderful competition, which is being held in conjunction with our presence at the 2012 Retirement Expo. A big thank you to all our sponsors!


Why don't you try your hand at winning one of these three double tickets to Red at Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay. If you're not "in", you don't "win"!.


This one is for the Gauteng members! YEI would love to see you at the Retirement Expo - and here's an opportunity to win a double ticket! If you get lucky, do come and say “hello”! Don't delay - enter now!!


YEI News” keeps you up to date and current with announcements that may be of interest to you – new advertisers, general news, new associations, competition winners etc.

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