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YEI is privileged to feature this new and comprehensive two-volume collectorís
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The Terrible Ones: The Complete History of 32 Battalion by Piet Nortje chronicles the unitís explosive history from the early 1960s to the early 2000s. It comprises 1400 pages, 80 maps, 600 photographs and is based on 10 000 pages of recently declassified documents. The Terrible Ones draws from over 200 interviews with former 32 Battalion members as well as Portuguese, SWAPO, Angolan, Cuban and Russian soldiers. Definitive and magisterial, this is one of the most impressive military histories ever written.

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This offer ends on 22 October 2012, so donít delay in sharing this with all your friends and family. It could make a well-received Christmas or birthday present for that special man (or woman!) in your life!

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