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Winter is upon us with a vengeance, so snuggle up with a nice hot cup of coffee, while you browse through our latest e-Newsletter. Last month, we had some fascinating comments from our readers on the “Spear” and other articles. Again, we invite you to comment, debate and give us your view, as you take a read of our articles – a variety of controversial, tongue-in-cheek, informative and nostalgic flavours.

Whether you’re into sourcing a new, but healthy part-time occupation, catching up with not-so-old legends like Stephen Jefferies or participating in a debate on euthanasia, there’s something for everyone. We wonder whether we are losing our sense of humour, particularly when you read about a Granny’s air-rage episode, or think retrospectively about the Angolan Bush War.

We also have our regular feature, with Nedbank talking about saving and grandchildren. And you could be a winner with YEI – take a look at the latest ticket give-away to an all-time, but updated favourite – Defending the Caveman.

We welcome new advertisers on board, one in particular who has a fascinating new feature on their company listing (free advice – where else would you find this?!). To find out who they are, where they are and what they offer, pay a visit to the YEI News column, which also will keep you up to date and current with what’s new at YEI. And don’t forget to browse through the Discounts and Benefits section, where all of our current advertisers are housed.

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Keep warm. Enjoy this issue, and we look forward to your feedback. Until next time…

Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


'Easy come, easy go' seems to sum up the younger generation's attitude towards money. Do you sit back and say 'then it's reap as you sow', or can you show this generation how six little letters add up and make all the difference? At Nedbank we feel that grandparents are our saving grace …


The Fast Food chicken franchise has done it again. In true Nando’s form, their most recent irreverant advertisement pokes fun at xenophobic ideas.


Death and Taxes, or is it Taxes and Death. Doesn’t matter, they are both inevitable. Those are the two things that are commonly discussed when one has finished discussing all the other hikes that we have to contend with.


YEI caught up with Stephen Jefferies, one of Western Provinces greatest medium-fast bowlers. Stephen who is now 53 years old, lives in Cape Town.


We ask our readers the core question that is difficult to answer objectively: Should euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide be made legal?


For nearly 15 years, thousands of South African conscripts took part in a civil war in Angola –a remarkable and complex conflict.


What would you do in an emergency? Read these stories brought to us by TeleCare Solutions…


A drunken grandmother who punched a passenger in the face on a Qantas flight to New Zealand was on Tuesday ordered to pay the cost of the aircraft having to return to Melbourne.


Alan Committie is back in Defending the Caveman for the 2012 season! The ultimate 2nd date (don’t scare her off on the first date!), honeymoon or anniversary show!


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