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We believe that the second story in our "Encore Career" series is most interesting. This entrepreneur/bee-keeper has a healthy respect and love for his new way of life, and his bees – a fascinating read. Find out how two Capetonians realised their "country dream" and fell in love with their little piece of the Karoo. And if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save some money into the bargain, read about our committed greenie and blogger who has mastered the art of recycling her "old" clothes.

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New Year’s resolutions are not for us. All those mirage promises of a slimmer body or smoke-free lungs no longer appeal after 55. Yet, we all desire to keep our brains active and there’s even a name for it: ‘Neurobics’.


Positive Ageing Edutalks and Expo present Patrick Holford, at the launch of his new book: "The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing".


In the second of the encore series, YEI chatted to Lawrence Woollam, about his transition from Marketing Executive to Bee-keeper and Handyman.


There is no shortage of advice on saving your money for the day you retire. But with many choosing to retire towards the end of the year, some of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever face will be made on the day you hang up your work boots.


Uniondale – the Little Karoo’s best kept secret. How come Colleen and Barry Nugent, ex-Zimbabwe and Kwa-Zulu Natal, and long-time residents in Cape Town, laid down their roots in Uniondale?


Karen Fletcher is a committed greenie and blogger. She runs a blog titled "Greenie Dresses for Less". The point of her blog is to show people how easy it is to recycle old clothes into updated versions.


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