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The wants and needs of Baby Boomers

By April 11, 2011December 8th, 2022No Comments

The silver tsunami aka Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) has hit!  Worldwide, there are in excess of 78 million Baby Boomers.  The world’s population is aging at a staggering rate.  In South Africa, and according to Stats SA, the population estimate of those aged 50+ in mid 2009 numbered over 7 million – 7 387 300 to be precise.

Those on the right side of fifty (remember that there is no wrong side of fifty!), find that we are more saucy and outspoken than ever before.  We may be 50+ but we are flaunting our new found style and spirit.   We are not ready to venture into our so-called “invisible” years.

“Prime Time” is the largest study ever carried out on South Africa’s mature market – this research was conducted by the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing.  Professor John Simpson states that “age is an attitude, not a chronological event.  This age group comprises of a complex group of people who want quality and lifestyle.  65% of the over-60s are bond-free.  These Prime Timers have the time and the finances to enjoy life and they know what they want and when they want it”.  “Prime Time” has established that that people in this age group are money-savvy, discerning and smart, status-seeking, have new confidence, like to broaden their horizons, are techno-able, are healthy and body-conscious (or strive to be), are shoppers, family-focused and like “me” time.

So with over 7 million Baby Boomers in this country – what specifically do we want and need:


Travel ranks high on virtually every boomer’s priority list.  Now that the children are moving on, there is the freedom and money to go on ski-ing trips (spend the kids inheritance trips!).

Wear and tear (aka as fitness, healthcare and anti-aging)

Baby Boomers want to get into shape and stay in shape and lead healthy lives.  We do not want to give into the aging process and do not want this to mess with our “third life”.  We want to grow old gracefully and look to share mutual health concerns.  We now have the time and the inclination to add fitness to our lifestyle.  We would like intelligent solutions while we explore the ways and means of preventing and avoiding deteriorating health (physical and mental) .

Financial Services

We would like to have access to the most beneficial and advantageous products and services that are available to us in the marketplace, and we want to take great care of the “wealth” that we have accumulated.

Stay involved

We want to have fun – we want to get out and about and enjoy what life has to offer in all its spheres.  We want to be advised of what is “out there” and broaden our horizons in all facets of life, including entertainment, technology, finance, health and wellness, lifestyle, work, continuing education, travel, sport, leisure, home, garden, volunteering, dating and interesting events in the community.


We want to work as long as we can in either formalized employment or in an “encore” career.  We want to contribute and give-back to society.  We want to continue to have value which leads to self-worth.


We want to do what we want for as long as we can, without having to depend on others.

Family Ties

We want contact with and emotional support from our family.


We do enjoy some kind of contact with the past that involves happy memories and experiences that are still strong in our minds.

South African Baby Boomers are part of this global aging phenomenon.  We believe that we have earned the right to many things – and this is where the YEI website comes into play.  The vision for the YEI website is to provide an environment where our over-50 readers can read about issues that are relevant to their daily lives, communicate with others, share stories and experiences and learn about the discounts and benefits that are available to this age group – we have earned it!

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  • hepzibah says:

    What a pleasant surprise to come cross your site.Well done.I lookning forward to many more hours of interacting.Amanda Hugo

  • Marilynh says:

    Thank you for joining us, Amanda! We look forward to sharing much more with you and our readers in the future.
    YEI Editor

  • boertjie says:

    I turned the big 60 on 10th September and have this to say – it is FREEDOM and FUN. It is the first day of the rest of my life. And WHAT a life it has been and is still to be. It’s a new leaf in my book, a new start to my life, it’s exciting, invigorating and yet mysterious and somewhat daunting at times. I have much to look forward to. My outlook is very young, I am active in mind and body. I am independent and a free spirit. I have nobody to answer to except myself. I can go and come as I please, do what I want, when I want. I can climb into my car and take off somewhere at any time, whenever I want to. I can sit and do scrapbooking for hours on end, whenever I want to. I can kick off my shoes, curl up on the armchair and watch movie after movie for hours, whenever I want to. I can go to lovely, peaceful country restaurants and spend hours at the table, eating, drinking and reading or just watching nature around me, whenever I want to. I now have time to go to craft expos, travel shows, food and wine shows, movies, and all that sort of stuff. I can go and do contract work in my field of experience whenever I want to, instead of having to be tied down 7 days a week at a desk as a full-time employee. I have time to go and sit with the old folks in a retirement home and just chat to them and share the interesting lives they have led. I have time to go to my favourite SPCA and spend time caring for the cats. I can go to clubs and pubs and socialise. I can sit and journal happily about my life and its many memories and moments. I can sit in front of my laptop and finish writing the book I started so long ago, now I have the time to do it. I can spend hours in my kitchen, creating. I can go on holiday, and birding and visit game reserves during the week, missing the hectic, noisy weekend rush. I can sit and watch the stars and consider all my many blessings. I can listen to younger folks chatting around me and smile to myself, “been there….done that….” Come on folks….being 60 and over isn’t a drag, it’s something to look forward to. Life is a ball. Have fun with it!! LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING, SO LIVE IT!!!

  • Marilynh says:

    Boertjie – thanks for the wonderful comments! I do hope that many of our readers feel the same way as you. It’s time to kick loose and have fun!
    Marilyn – YEI Editor

  • D.Erasmus says:

    Life starts with pension,what a wonderful time in our lives to do as one pleases and have a snooze in the afternoon without feeling guilty.

  • barb747 says:

    Just joined today – hope to read more soon!

  • anotheroldie says:

    You said it Boertjie, that is exactly as it is. Unfortunately for some though, financial strains can clip the wings of a very active social life. However, there are many other things one can do without having to spend too much money. I started a completely new career in my very late 50’s I am now 62 and am still at it. During my new career I discovered a passion for something else which I am now building into another new career. I think it is awesome to still have all you faculties at this age because you can do so much with them ! As so many of us out there I would have loved to have a partner in crime but alas, when one reaches our age the world thinks you are kaput and not worth persuing. I love life I love being active still push weights, run and dance whenever I get the opportunity (but again shortage of male companions for dancing) I will go down kicking and screaming. So I say : Carpe Diem

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