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The protocol of internet dating

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If you are a newbie at internet dating, or may be considering dipping your toe into the online dating pool, Fiona Dorse, CEO of Corporate Dating, gives YEI members some insight into the protocol of internet dating plus some valuable hints and tips.

We have all been forced one way or another into the world of technology.  Our foray into emails and online banking may have begun when our children went to live in far off places.  Technology makes it so much easier to send them greetings and gifts for special occasions.

Since we are now a only finger touch away from our loved ones, we are also in a position to  spoil ourselves!  We go online shopping and have learnt to buy our favourite goods online.

Through technology, a whole new world has opened up to us.  We might even have opened up a Facebook page for ourselves so that we can keep in touch with our friends who live far and wide.

Do you see how wonderful technology is? I initially thought that it was a very cold medium to communicate in, as opposed to lovingly and thoughtfully writing a letter or greeting card.

I have never been so wrong!

I, like you, have enjoyed everything that the internet has to offer me!

And so it is the way that you should feel when looking for a delightful partner to share your life with!

I have had many older people join my dating agency after losing their spouse.  I am very happy to say that to this day, there are many happy couples still going on cruises and enjoying the game reserves and holidays down to the Cape or enjoying their beach cottage on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, just because they were motivated enough to join my agency.

There are of course many dating sites that I would stay well away from, as men are supposed to be natural hunters.  There are unfortunately some unscrupulous predators out there who will charm their way into a woman’s inheritance or divorce settlement!

It is always a good idea to meet a man’s best friend and family before you get involved emotionally with him as this will give you a clearer idea of what your life with him could be like from then on.

I would not go to a man’s home until I had done this otherwise you never know what unpleasant things he has in store for you! One of my clients met a very wealthy man online but instead of taking her to the Mugg and Bean for coffee as planned previously, he took her to his home and tried to ‘groom’ her into watching his pornography collection!

She has never recovered from this unpleasant experience so that is why it is always better to get a good idea of a person’s history before getting emotionally involved with them.

The same goes for men when they meet women! All women are not angels! I have heard many a sad tale of woe from men who have been conned very artfully by women!

So… do not ask a million questions, as the person can just tell you what they want to and paint a very rosy picture of themselves.  Rather get to know them and their families and friends first!

My very best wishes to you in finding yourselves a fabulous partner to share the rest of your life with!

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