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South African Seniors-at-Work is a skills resource service being established by Eleanora Smith.  The purpose of SA Seniors-at-Work is to mobilise highly experienced, qualified 60-plussers to bridge South Africa’s critical skills gap and re-enter the workforce. 


60-plussers have built up extensive knowledge, experience and skills and would welcome the opportunity to offer their expertise in areas where there is a critical skills gap and to continue contributing significantly to the SA economy.  By extending their knowledge, experience and skills in the workplace, SA Seniors-at-Work offers a win-win solution for organisations, their staff and 60-plussers themselves.  60-plussers are gratified by having a means to supplement their income, and continue their usefulness to society.  In addition, they are very happy to develop new skills.   Most appointments are expected to be made on a short-term basis, renewable if and when necessary, to assist companies to address their own specific skills requirements.

Eleonora Smith – SA Seniors-at-Work


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