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How to write the next chapter of your life

Posted By Marilynh / November 20, 2019 / 0 Comments

Have you ever considered that your life
and your story are unique? 

Have you thought about how to actively write the next chapter or are you allowing your life to just unfold?

Find out how you can be the best that you can be
and leave a legacy.


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Have you ever considered that your life is unique? Are you actively writing the next chapter or are you allowing your life to just unfold?  We are privileged to be living a longer life than our parents and grandparents and should be mindful of what the future could unlock.

We all love to read about the stories of different people. Some are famous and some are just the stories of how ordinary people are making a difference or touching the lives of others. All our stories matter.

We allow life to dictate our journey. This sentence is easier to write than to live so I do understand that many of us have been challenged, made sacrifices, walked through valleys and experienced setbacks.  In is often on these detours that we learn many lessons that shape who we become. These detours are not your life and we often need encouragement and a helping hand to step back up onto the road of life designed especially for us.

To live a full life, engaging your skills, passion and talents, uniquely mapped out for you is what life should be about. That is your true story. To ensure that your life reflects this story, one needs to do some work on discovering this individual. Time to read, journal and have some long reflective conversations with one or two chosen individuals close to you.


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Authors spend many hours alone, writing and thinking through the plot, direction and depth of their story. Yours is no different. It takes time, energy and some deep soul searching. For many this is too difficult and that is why, so few get to live an enriched legacy.

Part of the strategy for 50plus-skills is to encourage and guide individuals about the journey ahead. In our workshops we share some of the questions needed to navigate your journey. The workshops also allow us the opportunity to share and listen to others. This brings a sense of belonging and the courage to continue walking along our life journey.

 Read one of our members story here. 

The 50plus-skills community, the workshops, conferences and online learning sessions may help you plot this next chapter. It may be just one fact, one person or a connection that could trigger the direction of the story. Why not join the community. To do this you need to register on the website.

Go to www.50plus-skills.co.za. The cost for the year is R500. Give yourself this gift today.

Your story and life are unique. Be the best you can be and leave a legacy. We each have one. I would love to read yours. Take the time. It is worth it.


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