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New scammers targeting SASSA beneficiaries

Posted By Marilynh / June 1, 2021 / 0 Comments

SASSA  has been made aware of a new kind of scam
that is being used to defraud social grant beneficiaries. 

Please take note of this, to ensure you do not land up
as one of the victims of this new scam.


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Since the start of the pandemic, the South African Social Security Agency social grant programs have been hit by different kinds of scammers. Recently, SASSA has been alerted of a new modus operandi used to scam and defraud social grant beneficiaries.

The scammers claim to be SASSA employees who move around in communities with skimming devices targeted to defraud beneficiaries of their social grant monies. The fraudsters approach beneficiaries and convince them to “check” if their social grant cards are still valid by swiping them through a device. By so doing, the scammers are then skimming the beneficiaries’ card for later cloning. This then gives the scammers time to load a beneficiary’s information onto a new card and withdraw all the money.

SASSA would like to warn all social grant beneficiaries to be alert and not to co-operate with anybody who requests their cards in the street or at home for whatever reason. SASSA does not send its staff to people’s homes to tamper with their cards. The public is requested to report these incidents immediately to the police or contact SASSA on 0800601011 or social media.

SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela cautioned social grant clients: “A report has been found that the scammers follow beneficiaries who have recently been paid especially in the Eastern Cape, North West and KZN,” she said. “We do not know as yet if they also ask the beneficiaries to enter their card PINS, however in such cases, beneficiaries are advised to please always keep their social grant payment card PIN’s safe and to themselves,” Memela added.

Issued on behalf of SASSA


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