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It’s time for technology

By November 11, 2012December 8th, 2022No Comments

For a generation raised on dinner table discussions, reading and radio, the concepts of SMS, MMS, Flickr and tweeting highlight the modern-day inability truly to communicate.  But there is a good side to technology.  It can buy you time.

Click-click.  Don’t you just love technology?  We Baby Boomers have certainly played catch-up when it comes to the latest gadgetry.  We now know that a tablet is more than a cure for a headache, a mouse is something that no longer scares us and wi-fi has absolutely nothing to do with hi-fi.

Here are four ways in which Nedbank is using technology to make your life more meaningful and to give you more time for tea, Tolstoy or talking:

Technology benefit 1:  Self-service banking
Be a couch potato and master of your finances at the same time.  Make transfers, pay your accounts, top up airtime and much more, from your couch (or the beach!) by using the internet or your cellphone.

Technology benefit 2:  SMS updates
Our SMS update service, called eNote, informs you of any activity on your current and savings account.  This puts you in control of your money – and where it’s going – at all times.  There’s no need to wait for a bank statement, or stand in a queue to get one, before you find out what’s happening to your money.

Technology benefit 3:  Email statements
It’s quicker and safer to have your current account statements delivered straight to your email inbox.  Only you can view their contents… and because there’s no paper wastage, you’re also being kinder to the environment.  Every time we send you an eStatement, we’ll donate 25c to The Green Trust Climate Change Programme.

Technology benefit 4:  Personal Money Manager
Install Nedbank’s Personal Money Manager on your computer and it’s like having your own personal financial manager at your service 24/7.  Together, you can track where your money is going and find ways to save money where it counts the most.  It can help you plan better, pay off debt faster and even help map out your future.  Download the program from – it’s free.


To get started, call 0860 555 111 or speak to your banker, or…

Step 1:  Call 0860 NEDBANK (633 2265), visit or visit your nearest Nedbank branch to sign up.

Step 2:  Access any of the following channels to change your temporary PIN to a permanent PIN and password [for Internet banking and cellphone banking (WAP)] of your choice:

  • Internet banking:
  • Cellphone banking (WAP): (from your cellphone browser)
  • SMS banking:  Dial *120*001# from your cellphone
  • Nedbank telephone banking:  Call 0860 555 111 to access our voice response option, or opt to be assisted by an agent.

Step 3:  Now start using the self-service banking option of your choice (or a combination of options) to bank from anywhere, any time.

For a full list of features and up-to-date fees on all other accounts, go to

Secure Banking for peace of mind

At Nedbank, we’ve taken every precaution to ensure you have a secure banking experience.  It is, however, vital that you take a few basic precautions when making use of internet banking:

The bank will never send you an email or contact you telephonically requesting banking information such as your PIN, password or SMS reference number.

  • Never disclose your personal information to anyone.
  • Never access your account in a non-secure computer environment.
  • When accessing NetBank, always ensure that the address displayed in your browser bar is:
  • Notify your branch immediately if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account.
  • Change your profile PIN and password regularly.
  • For additional security, activate the SMS authorisation* facility on your profile.

*SMS authorisation is required for sensitive-type transactions such as once-off payments, adding beneficiaries and purchasing airtime for a third party.  So get the SMS authorisation facility activated on your profile when you sign up for internet banking.

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