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Finding love later in life

Posted By Marilynh / February 5, 2020 / 5 Comments

You may not be the odds-on favourite
to break the Olympic 100m sprint record
or Serena Williams’ record of Grand Slams,
but are you up for a bit of romance?


Mango - golfers


In February, the proverbial month of love, the question is ‘Can you still find love at a more mature age’?  Well, can you?

Let’s set the scene.  You are 75 years old or thereabouts.  You may be fit and well at the start of this Decade of Healthy Ageing, but it’s likely that you are probably not the odds-on favourite to break the Olympic 100m sprint record or Serena Williams’ record of Grand Slams. It’s possible you may not have enough friends willing to go jogging with you, or even clubbing.  And if you are still into that sort of thing,  I suspect, like me, you are not even sure what the latest hit single is (music ended in the 70s anyway!), but one thing I know for sure is that you are still good enough for some love.

I am not talking about the love you get from those wonderful grandchildrens’ cushy hugs, or stokvel friends after you have made the monthly premium. I am referring to that “thing” called romance!

I am convinced that at 75, I can still do far more than dose off in my backyard garden or babysit kids over holidays, as my kids clearly believe.

I think it’s about time I got my groove back, like Stella?

Think about it, as good as young love is (and we’ve all been there), older or mature love should be great, if not better.

Here’s my case: An older person most likely has a far more realistic view of life and the expectations are within the realm of reason. This means that their judgment is likely to be sounder, compared to the younger version of themselves. At a mature age, one also has a lot more time for the relationship because many of us are already on retirement or have handed our businesses to our offspring.

So there is a lot more time for travel and date nights without the trouble of having to juggle hectic schedules just to find some extended time to spend with your other half.

Here’s a good analogy.  I heard someone once say that love is like an omelet – it can only be as good as the ingredients in it. And if the ingredients are two people of mature age, then I say that makes for one heck of a great ‘love omelet.’

Wouldn’t it feel good to turn down an offer to babysit by saying, ‘Sorry, I have a date’?

So there you have it. Get back into the game (if you are not already in it). Let’s make our latter years golden.  It’s time to live, love, laugh and be merry. Being older is not a sentence to being a back-up parent for your grown kids’ off-spring. We need to change that this year!


Are you with me?!


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  • Norma
    February 5, 2020 at 5:43 pm

    Compandhip when you are a senior is do importsnt – romance I must admit is not on the cards but I do envy the folks I see holding hands and I just hope they appreciate it – nothing like love and romance

    February 6, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    I would certainly love having a companion now that I in my senior years and have been alone for quite a few years. I realise that I miss good male company and someone to enjoy just going out and about with. Im fairly fit and well kept and enjoy outdoor activities but sometimes just going out on my own is so sad.

    • Marilynh
      February 11, 2020 at 9:29 am

      Hi Hazel

      Thank you for writing to YEI. You might like to join up with the Pensioners Group called “Pensoners Deals & Specials”. This group has become very social in nature and there are many seniors getting together for tea, coffee, social events. It is a wonderful group to which YEI has an association, and is a fabulous group to join in order to make new friends and socialise. The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/523334221505395/

      Warm regards
      Marilyn, YEI

  • Andrea Patrick
    February 9, 2020 at 8:23 am

    I have learned to be realistic: the possibilities of finding “romance” with a partner of my own age (mid-eighties) are poor. Look around the inhabitants of any retirement village. There are far fewer men than women living there – an very few of those who are eighty-plus are still both mentally and physically active. In any event, what is meant by the word “romance”? The OED has about 7 definitions – none of which seem to describe the companionship that is the best a couple of octogenarians can achieve. And, of course, no-one has mentioned the naughty word “sex” – which is an integral part of romance between younger people.
    For my part, I can enjoy as much companionship from my women friends as I need in life. I have a more attainable way of finding love and romance: with as many tall, dark (or fair), handsome and virile heroes as I want. I have found my romantic Nirvana through my computer keyboard. This happy octogenarian has become an author of steamy romantic novels. Who needs a real-live man in their life, when they can create their own perfect lover – and kill him off, or send him to Timbuktu or Toronto or Tokyo if he becomes boring.

    • Marilynh
      February 11, 2020 at 9:22 am

      Hi Andrea

      Thanks for the good chuckle! Very happy to hear from a wonderful, funny octogenarian who is obviously enjoying life! Perhaps you would like to write some short stories for YEI!

      Warm regards

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