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Do 60-plussers care about Valentine’s Day?

Posted By Marilynh / February 4, 2020 / 0 Comments

Pfft!  Who needs gifts on Valentine’s Day? 

Is this you? 

Are you dismissive about Valentine’s Day
or is it important for you to receive a thoughtful gesture?


seniors and heart 1200



Are you one of those retirees who would rather declutter and downsize
than spend your hard-earned pension on a Valentine’s Day gift?

Or are you one of those retirees
who likes to give their partner a little something on special occasions?

So whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, or a special occasion present,
let’s look at some unexpected gift ideas – some that cost, some that are free and others that are giving of your time – something for everyone!



A New Experience

Are you one of those seniors who is so adventurous that you want to make new memories and enjoy as many experiences while you can.   So much to do, so little time!  There are many bucket list adventures to choose from.  Our favourites are an open top bus trip, a wine tasting experience or a trip to a motor museum or even a new glamping experience.  We wouldn’t say “no” though to  an adventure on a Harley Davidson, or a hot air balloon ride, or even a boat cruise.


The Gift of Health

As YEI has punted ever since we entered the New Decade of Healthy Ageing, a healthy gift option might be just what the doctor ordered, really!  No, we are not talking weight lifting or training for a marathon, which to most is as exciting as watching paint dry.  We are talking exercise classes with Silver Fit, where emphasis is not just on helping to improve strength, flexibility, balance and confidence, but on the social side as well.  Why not make new friends while you exercise?  Your thing could be a yoga course, a pilates class, or joining in the fun with the SASFA girls.  And if your budget is non-existent, then how about combining the Gift of Health with the Gift of Time, and take your loved one out on a weekly walk in the forest, on the beach or even in your local neighbourhood. 


The Gift of Skill

We might be mature, but we’re not ready to kick the bucket – well not yet!  We want to learn, we want to remain connected.  We want to learn new skills that will be used forever.  It could be an art class, it could be learning to cook a new cuisine.  It could well be the youngsters in your family teaching Granny/Grandpa how to use Facebook, how to contact family via Skype or WhatsApp.  It could be Word skills, Excel skills, learning to use Picasa in order to make photo books. Studies show that when seniors learn a new skill such as new technology, learning a new language or learning to play an instrument – the connection is strengthened within the brain, and dementia is kept at bay.


The Ultimate Treat

Isn’t it wonderful when you realize that your partner/your family have actually listened to you and you  receive the gift of something you have been wanting for a while!  It could be that latest autobiography, a back massage, a pedicure, a flight to see your grandchildren, a mini-break at your favourite holiday destination.  The ultimate treat that you will remember for years to come..  And if you can’t afford the ultimate treat, then the Gift of Time will be so well appreciated.


The Gift of Time

There is no better gift for any older person than the gift of time.  Just popping in for a quick visit and a chat is the one gift that will brighten any of our lives at any given time.  Taking a senior to their place of worship, watching a classic favourite movie together, going for a walk together, inviting them for dinner, listening to classical music, baking a traditional family recipe together – these are the sorts of gifts and memories that will be remembered by the senior members in our families. 


The Gift of Tradition

Carrying on with old traditions, and starting new traditions, is so good for the soul.  Keeping old traditions alive are valued by the senior members of the family and bring about a nostalgic blend of happiness and hazy remembrance.  Starting new traditions creates new memories for the seniors in the family while you express your values, identity, and treasure your personal history.  An invitation to a traditional event, be it old or new, even if it is as simple as stirring the Christmas pudding, will be so welcomed by the senior members in your family.


The Gift of a DIY Autobiography

 This is a thoughtful and heartwarming gift for the whole family.   Current family members and those to come.  Give your loved one a voice recorder so that they can dictate their childhood stories and past experiences – significant and insignificant.  Transcribe this into a story for your family for who will benefit from the history recorded in this wonderful keepsake of a memory book. 



Giving the perfect gift shows you care.  

And more often than not, the best gift is YOU!



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