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Christmas comes early for Mango Guests

Posted By Admin Staff / September 3, 2019 / 0 Comments

Mango Airlines is offering YOU an early Christmas pressie!

Check out Mango Go Rewards with fantastic value
up to R2,000 every time you book a flight.

It doesn’t get much better than this!


Christmas Pressie


My goodness, it’s September already!
And that means Christmas is around the corner!

You know, I never know how to feel about this time of year. Sure, it’s spring time and we have made it past grumpy-dusty August and now firmly on the home-straight towards the Festive season. We should be happy, right? Well, only if you’ve at least met half of your goals. Or even a quarter. But if you are like me and wondering when you will stop with the procrastination, then despair not, my dear reader. In fact, be happy, be very happy, for today, I come bearing good news!

So, throughout the year, I’ve been encouraging you to Fly Mango Airlines and take advantage of their exceptional service (after all, they are the only airline that refers to us as ‘Guests’). But now, the Airline has gone a step further.

Mango will be rewarding you for flying.
Yup, you heard right.


How does it work?


Well, the feature is called Go Rewards and the value is up to R2,000. So, for every ticket you purchase, you get a reward that you can retrieve online. There are three different (experiential) rewards that you can choose across these six categories: Entertainment, Outdoor Experiences, Dining, Fashion, Pampering (my personal favourite), and Accommodation.

Here’s more, if you book a return flight, then it is double the reward. The rewards are absolutely convenient because you can get a ticket to the game, or take your better half or even the grandkids to a nice restaurant. And considering that we are going into holiday season, the Go Rewards can help you with your hotel and much more.


Early Christmas pressies!


Why would you go anywhere else?
Everything is here for you.
So Go Discover More!


For more information,



Mango Go Rewards


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If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it


Mango Airlines

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