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A life of fulfilment… Add to your bucket list!

Posted By Marilynh / January 23, 2019 / 0 Comments

Having a bucket list can include the most incredible experiences
and/or deeds that come from the heart.

It’s your list – make the best of it!



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to parachute out of a plane, or bungee jump down Orlando Towers in Soweto.
Or perhaps you’ve dreamt about a romantic gondola ride in Venice.

In life, taking time to enjoy the time you have with family should be most important, however, sometimes one feels the need to venture out of their comfort zone and do things they’ve never done before. This is where the bucket list comes in. A bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that you hope to have or accomplish during your lifetime
– it’s a list that anyone of any age can have and do.

A bucket list may have the most elaborate things in the world or it may just be a list of how you may assist your neighbour or even a struggling family member, it’s all up to an individual.
In essence, it is your list and you should make the best out of it.

Here is a list of some elaborate things you could place on your bucket list
– but these could come at a hefty cost:


Visit the Dead Sea

Take a hot air balloon flight over the Kruger National Park

Go on an African safari

Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy

See Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visit all Disneyland Resorts

Stick your toes in every Great Lake


AVBOB 2 - January 2019


Here are some bucket list items that come from the heart, some of which won’t cost you a cent.  


Buy coffee for the person behind you in line

Give out free hugs

Finish a crossword puzzle

Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Reconnect with an old friend

Make a time capsule

Change your hair

Donate your clothes


Write a letter to your future self

Donate blood

Bake a cake

Say, “I Love You”


Sharing one’s life with others is a great thing, but at times having your own achievements is very self-fulfilling.
Having a bucket list ensures that you have lived life to the fullest, but also ensures that you have touched those around you.


The journey of one’s life is unknown and being prepared is where AVBOB can assist you.
To ensure that you have all the information to compile your last chapter,
visit the AVBOB website (www.avbob.co.za) and download the File of Life or click here.


Should you require any assistance with the File of Life process
please do not hesitate to contact one of our
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They will gladly guide you on what is required.



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