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zip lining Granny


The zip-lining Granny – 85-year old Dee Cornhill is a spunky lady at the best of times! Dee is fit and healthy and convinced that a ¼ teaspoon of Epson Salts, taken on a daily basis in her tea, is the reason for her good health. Dee has to be one of the most interesting, caring and “good-for-the-soul” Grannies that I have come across. Dee’s thirst for adventure must have led her to set the record for being one of the oldest people in this country to zip-line.

This great-grandmother recounts her adventure:

“Ever since I was a kid, spending a holiday somewhere on the Vaal River, I was envious of those who were going down a foofie slide and into the water! I just couldn’t seem to get a turn because I was too young (those were the days!).

I heard that there was a Zipline venture above Constantia Nek and decided that this was what I wanted to do while I was still young – in celebration of my 85th birthday! I waited for my son-in-law’s return from overseas, my daughter made the booking and off we went, Henry, Yvonne, Caylee and Robyn (my two grand-daughters) and I.

After quite a hair-raising trip in a 4×4 Jeep we arrived at our starting point. A climb up some stairs, then a further climb up the mountain and we were at the first station. We had all been strapped into our harnesses, given gloves and helmets, and some instructions about what we would have to do. My “forgetery” is getting better than my memory at the moment, so I missed out a bit on how to stop, but managed to not do too much damage on landing!

We had two marvellous guides, one in front and another at the back, and Henry was the first to go after the front guide. I don’t know why I volunteered next (perhaps not to look scared or nervous) and off I went! Despite the fact that it was very cold and overcast and pretty windy, it was wonderful! I could see for miles and found myself looking down on to all the tall trees below!

After landing and waiting for the rest of the crew to join us, we had to climb the mountain to the next stage! The climbing between stages was pretty tough, and I was sorry I had not trained with many squats beforehand!

There were 7 stages in all, the final one being just under ½ kilometre long! It was magic and I enjoyed every minute of it and also enjoyed the hot chocolate at Silvermist Eatery afterwards!”

zip lining Granny 2

All we can say at YEI is – a big WOW!! What an achievement, what an extraordinary woman, what an amazing way to live and what a fine example you are to all seniors!

What do you think of Dee’s amazing adventure?

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For those of you who might be interested, Dee ziplined with  SA Forest Adventures


  • Yvonne says:

    Congratulations Dee, what an inspiration you are to the younger generations.

  • Cherie Morimer says:

    I thought I had done quite well doing the Elgin Zip Line on my 81st birthday 2 years ago!!
    Well done to you Dee that is a real achievement, at 85 and I agree such a lovely experience.


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