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MyElearningEducation is undergoing a massive project
in order to address unemployment, inequality and poverty. 

The goal is to develop, support and sustain
entrepreneurial businesses. 

MyElearningEducation is seeking strategizing networkers,
coaches, mentors and those with technical expertise
to assist them.


Our country is facing numerous challenges. A very significant one is Unemployment, Inequality, and Poverty. An even bigger problem is that this trend is only escalating.

The implications of lack of progress to solve these pressing problems, have been debated and summarised by Rebecca Costa, in her book The Watchman’s Rattle (Vanguard Press 2012), which states:

“The rise and fall of civilizations or countries depends on their ability to solve problems that threaten their future survival.”

How big is the challenge?

Problem statement.

  • Statistics indicate that SA is one of the most unequal societies in the world. With about 50% of the population considered poor, and about 12 000 000 being unemployed.
  • Due to South Africa’s slow economic growth, flawed government policies, corruption and poor policy implementation, not enough new job opportunities are being created. Therefore, unemployment, poverty, and inequality simply are deteriorating.
  • This problem is most disturbing among the youths, where the unemployment rate is very high, with no indication of an improvement.
  • Add to this the high number of entrepreneurial businesses that fail every year. According to the World Bank – 80% of new start-up entrepreneurial businesses world-wide fail within the first 5 years – indications for SA are up to 90%.
  • Globally, the economic, political, and socio-economic risks have increased during the last few decades, and the rapidly changing economic, political, and socio-economic environment has created additional uncertainties. Risks that threaten a stable economic environment are increasing, compounded by a series of consecutive or unrelated events during the last 20 to 30 years. Sadly, most monetary and governmental decisions to counter the impact of these events have been reactive: action is taken only after the crisis has occurred. Examples of monetary policies that have become less effective include lowering of interest rates, quantitative easing, and similar policies.[1]

 Entrepreneurial job creation Potential.

  • It is generally accepted that entrepreneurial businesses create about 65% of the jobs in a country (some indications are that it can be as high as 90%) – entrepreneurship is the biggest job creator.
  • Investigations done by Education concluded that about 10% of the SA population could become successful entrepreneurs. This estimate is supported by evaluations from Global Entrepreneurial Monitoring.
  • On average, one entrepreneurial business employs 6 people.

Entrepreneurial Sustainability.

  • There are about 2 500 000 small entrepreneurial businesses in SA.
  • If 80% of new start-up entrepreneurial businesses fail within the first 5 years, according to the World Bank, it means that about 400 000 SMME’s stop existing in SA every year.
  • This implies around 2 400 000 job losses per annum, due to the poor sustainability of businesses in this category.

The Million Dollar Question!

The million-dollar question is how to resolve these challenges facing our country?

Some of the questions we have been battling with are:

  • Why is the money and manpower being used to develop entrepreneurs in South Africa is not delivering the results that everybody is expecting?
  • Why don’t monetary policies solve these problems?
  • Why are the legal frameworks, governmental policies and plans not delivering the expected positive resolutions?
  • Why can’t the entrepreneurial eco-system not make a bigger contribution?

The team at MyElearning.Education have been wrestling with this question for many years. The solution requires a rethinking of many practises and systems that have been accepted for many years as the only, or best, solutions to these problems.

We have concluded that by developing sustainable entrepreneurial businesses and supporting inspiring entrepreneurs to become successful, millions of new jobs can be created and make a significant contribution towards not, only to stimulate economic growth, but in solving the unemployment, poverty and inequality challenges facing our country.

We realized that the solution to these challenges should be based on the following criteria:

  • To reach the poor and unemployed on a big scale nationwide.
  • To optimise new technology to develop the entrepreneurial potential – this could make a real difference.
  • To reduce costs significantly to develop entrepreneurial potential.
  • To reduce the current manpower intensive programmes.

Our plan of action – solutions.

 Our program to resolve these challenges complies with the following principles:

  • Supporting entrepreneurs to become Life-Long Learners.
  • Programs are adjusted to satisfy the developmental requirements of individual entrepreneurs.
  • Attitude development. Especially focusing on maintaining a positive growth mindset.
  • Accountability – taking responsibility for the success of their own business and not play a blaming game.
  • Managing and controlling their emotions to improve decision making and judgement in their businesses. Thus, developing their emotional intelligence.
  • Continuous development of leadership skills.

MyElearning.Education is launching a program during the next few weeks, in three phases, to  tackle these challenges.

The total program will be launched in three phases:

Phase 1:
Developing a pre-pilot product. This will allow us to test some principles in the market and refine the product.

Phase 2:
Developing a commercial product. With this product, we will commercialize the product developed in Phase one.
Launching of this upgraded product will be during the first half of 2024.

Phase 3:
This product will have many more features and advanced functionality than the Phase two product and will be launched during the second half of 2024.


We want to expand our team and source interested people who would like to collaborate with us.

  • We invite networkers; strategic, big picture thinkers who have a passion to make a difference in our country. To assist us in strategizing.
  • If you are interested, have the knowledge and passion to support entrepreneurs with coaching and / or mentoring, please contact us.
  • If you have technical expertise to help us develop and implement new and existing technology, join us.



  • The financial basis of collaboration can be discussed.
  • People interested in collaborating should be willing to enter into a contractual agreement with us.


Please contact us by completing the following form:



Contact details.


[1] See article by Freddie Kirsten at; 


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  • Sandra says:

    Sounds a sustainable initiative. Unfortunately I have just had a setback and will not be able to commit. Wishing you all the best for the fuuture


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