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What is YEI?

You’ve Earned It / YEI is a digital media platform for South African 60-plussers.  YEI is a highly successful, affordable, targeted platform that serves the fastest-growing demographic in South Africa –    baby boomers, seniors, pensioners and retirees.

YEI’s primary focus:  great deals, savings and benefits for South African 60-plussers, PLUS relevant, informative and meaningful content specifically geared at SA seniors.  In the last 11 years, YEI has become an invaluable resource for seniors in this country


The YEI platform consists of:

  • An online senior community plus the ultimate one-stop destination for South African over-60s.  I-Pad and mobile friendly.
  • Informative and interesting articles that are of huge interest and relevance to this age group. The target market’s interest areas are typically Wealth Management, Healthcare, Travel and Retirement.
  • The YEI Directory, which features a myriad of businesses offering discounts and benefits to SA seniors.
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  • The YEI Facebook page. There is regular engagement with the FB fans around the interesting, fun, informative,  visual and interactive content.   Click here to see the YEI FB page.
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