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My lockdown metamorphosis – from veg to masks and back again

Posted By Marilynh / August 3, 2020 / , , , , / 0 Comments

When life gives you lemons… 

One of our YEI partners underwent a Lockdown metamorphosis,
one of the results being a special offer for YEI members!


Vertical Veg mask article 1200

Marcelle Warner is the person behind Vertical Veg Marcelle is well versed in the art of planting and growing herbs and veggies.  With over 20 years of experience lecturing and giving workshops in vegetable and herb gardening, an Honours Degree in Zoology, a Diploma in Natural Medicine, who else could be better equipped to design and manufacture the wholly South African Vertical Veg products.  Plus, Marcelle was president of the Cape Herb Society for six years as well as being a contributing author for the Herb Association of South Africa’s quarterly magazine.

Marcelle’s baby, Vertical Veg Gardens, allows you to have fresh, organically grown herbs and veg on your doorstep all year round.  All with a minimal carbon footprint!

Marcelle was fortunate in Lockdown in that she did have special dispensation to deliver Vertical Veg panels and pots.  However, one of her products is a gardening apron (check them out, great Christmas presents!) – this she was not allowed to sell, as it was not an essential item.  However, she had all the material lying around doing nothing. 

So a girl does what a girl’s gotta do!  Marcelle researched the shape that was recommended to be the most effective.  A mask that was suitable for everyday use, not a surgical mask.  She swiftly moved from making aprons to making and selling masks.  And what a success this was!  An amazing journey ensued during Lockdown.  Her masks were extremely well received.  Her business was very much in the public eye.  With cooking and gardening being on everyone’s minds during Lockdown, the Vertical Veg products also did extremely well.     

And who are the lucky recipients?!  Because YEI members have been great customers of Marcelle’s, she is offering you the following: 


Buy three masks and get one free
– a very special offer available until the end of September 2020.


Click here to take a look at the products on offer.  When your order, please mention that you are a YEI member in the “additional information” field. 

The Vertical Veg masks come in two sizes – a ladies size  (small) and a gents size (large).

  • For your protection when you leave home – Vertical Veg has bright happy masks!
    Hand – made in beautiful African print fabrics with 2 layers.
  • We have included a wire along the top of the mask so that it can accommodate to the shape of your nose.
    This allows the mask to sit very neatly onto your face.
  • This is perfect if you wear glasses – even Sunnies! Your glasses do not steam up as easily with the hot air from your breath escaping alongside your nose. Suitable for any shape face.
  • The ear-piece elastics are soft, covered elastic that will not pinch your ears, nor get tangled in your hair. They will not lose their shape. No fiddling with ribbon ties.
  • Price:  R69.00 each.


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