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Needing freedom of mobility in your home with a stairlift?
Find out how and why you can do this quickly, efficiently,
and cost-effectively
while simultaneously complying with local legislation.


Acorn Stairlift


With Acorn you can have a stairlift installed within days of placing an order


Acorn Stairlift’s FastTrack® stairlift system has proven extremely successful, enabling Acorn to install curved stairlifts within days of an initial customer inquiry; far faster than any other stairlift manufacturer.

The installation itself can take place within a matter of hours.

Our skilled installation engineers will arrive with all the equipment they need in their van, which is a mobile stairlift workshop.


Compliance with local legislation


Acorn Stairlifts complies with the following mandatory South African lift regulations:

* Guidelines for Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Regulations, 2009 Department of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993

* SANS 1545-3:2006 SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL STANDARD – Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts Part 3: Lifts for persons with disabilities (stairlifting platforms)

In Accordance with the above, all our installations are registered with the Department of Labour. Each installation is duly completed, taking into account all required documentation as well as the mandatory inspection.



Acorn Stairlifts


Aftersales service


Once you’ve discovered how an Acorn Stairlift can make your life so much easier, and how it helps you enjoy your home to the fullest, you’ll want to make sure it is always kept in good condition and full working order. That’s where our stairlift repairs and servicing come in.

Aftercare is a top priority for us here at Acorn. We want to make sure that all our stairlift users are 100% happy with our stairlifts. If, in the unlikely event there is a problem with your lift, our dedicated help desk is just a phone call away. Plus we have a range of extended stairlift warranties available to suit any requirements.


Regular stairlift maintenance


Acorn Stairlifts have a well-earned reputation for reliability, but like any machine with moving parts they will benefit from regular routine maintenance. That’s why we recommend that your stairlift is serviced every 12 months by one of our skilled servicing technicians, to ensure its optimum trouble-free performance for many years to come.


Trustworthy stairlift service


We employ highly-trained service technicians based all over South Africa. They are dedicated to servicing and maintaining our customers’ stairlifts. We ensure that every Acorn employee who comes to your home is someone you and your family can trust.


Contact us for FREE, no obligation advice
and speak to one of our friendly experts.

TOLL-FREE: 0800 000 680


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  • Syder says:

    I have sold my house but the buyer doesn’t want my stair lift , how do I go about selling it.

    • Angela W says:

      That is a good question which the YEI team has never encountered before. We will pass your query on to the Acorn stairlifts team. Regards Angela (YEI)

    • Angela W says:

      We have been informed by Acorn that it would be best to sell it privately on a platform like gumtree/facebook marketplace etc and then they can assist the new buyer with installation Regards Angela (YEI team)

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