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Flu vaccine

Flu vaccinations are now available from any Clicks Pharmacy or Clicks Clinic nationwide.

Flu is a viral infection, which at the very least can land you in bed with a high fever and aches and pains, or at worst, respiratory complications such as pneumonia. It should not be confused with the common cold, which is a much milder condition.

“It’s best to get the flu vaccine early in the season to build up your immunity. It’s also important to get your flu vaccination every year to get up-to-date protection against circulating strains,” says Waheed Abdurahman, Clicks Pharmacist.

“Those most at risk are the elderly, people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, pregnant women, children aged 6 months upwards and people with lowered immunity due to HIV/TB or cancer therapy,” explains Abdurahman. “I urge everyone to get the vaccine if they want to be protected.”

It’s very rare to have an allergic reaction. Most people will experience zero flu symptoms – maybe a mild fever for a day.

The majority of medical schemes will pay for flu vaccinations out of risk, not day-to-day benefits, which means your savings are not affected.

Try the following tips to help prevent flu this season:
• Vaccinate – get the flu vaccination to protect yourself and your family.
• Wash your hands regularly – Cover up when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands regularly with a waterless hand sanitiser to keep germs at bay.
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle – A healthy diet and lifestyle helps keep your immune system in top shape and ready to fight the virus.
• Boost your immune system with natural medicines like echinacea or African potato extract, as well as multi-vitamins which include Vitamin C and D.
• Avoidance – Try to stay away from those who are sick, and as far as possible do not share personal items. Be wary of crowded spaces where exposure may be high.

With over 340 Clicks Pharmacies across South Africa, flu relief is never far away. Speak to your Clicks pharmacist about the right course of treatment for you and your family. Visit to download the Clicks flu checklist or call 0860-254-257.

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