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Lockdown Fitness – What’s it all about?

Posted By Marilynh / May 19, 2020 / 0 Comments

New is hard and vulnerable. But on the other hand, the discomfort of exploration, of doing new things, is where the magic happens.

When we stop growing we start declining, there is no neutral here. This is an extremely unusual and new time for all of us, and we need to decide what we are going to do in it.


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During the lockdown, we can often forgo our usual habits, especially eating right and exercising. However here we’ll look at why a good routine is more important than ever, and the 3 steps we need to take to ensure we are continuing with active ageing.

Managing your health

We all know that being healthy involves eating correctly and exercising, in essence; doing things that are good for you and avoiding things that are bad for you. Yet, very few of us seem to follow these guidelines. Managing your health is about more than “putting out fires”. It means we need to embrace the concept of active ageing by making movement and exercise an essential part of our daily routine. According to international exercise guidelines it is recommended that older adults achieve 150 minutes of exercise per week. This should include aerobic (cardiovascular), strength, flexibility, balance and mobility exercises.

Furthermore, we need to be optimising our immunity, and for older adults, having a strong immune system is critical, especially during cold and flu seasons and now with the current COVOID-9 pandemic. Unfortunately, as we grow older our immune system does not work as well as it once did because it is slower to respond to pathogens, and it may take longer to recover due to having fewer immune cells. This leaves older adults vulnerable to infections and sickness.  Boosting your immune system will be the best way to optimise your health and improve your body’s ability to respond to viruses and pathogens.

Boosting your immunity

Exercise – Apart from the benefits to one’s strength and physical functioning, regular exercise promotes circulation and heart health and also relaxes the body and mind.

Eat a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

Get vaccinated

Reduce stress


Consider herbal supplements or multivitamins

Stay hydrated

Stay positive

Try add some superfoods to your diet

Wash your hands

Illness isn’t inevitable, but good habits tend to keeping older adults happy and healthy so they can enjoy the most out of life. Read more here: https://silverfit.co.za/optimising-immunity/

Staying involved with your community

People who are isolated are more likely to develop depression, frailty and poor health. Humans are designed to live in community and so it is vital to stay involved in a community. This may seem impossible given that we are not allowed to leave our homes, however the Silver Fit community is just on the other end of a phone call, and humans are constantly finding creative ways to stay connected. We encourage you to think outside the box and connect with a friend today.

This is also why an exercise programme in a live group setting is especially beneficial, as it allows for or community engagement and to feel the sense of comradery when exercising together.

Focussing on personal development

It is never too late to learn new skills and keep growing. When we stagnate and stop challenging ourselves, this is when we will see a decline in our wellbeing. This is the perfect time to try something new. Grow in your strengths. Learn new things. Develop yourself personally and continually.


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Not sure where to start?

Many older people are not sure where to start when it comes to embarking on a new exercise routine. 

Silver Fit is an exercise program specifically for older adults. Our online exercise programme has been taken up with resounding success, many of our members pledging to do a class every single day! It’s free to all Silver Fit members. We have 17 live classes every week, and 12 pre-recorded videos put together by our founder Hannah Raath. We are constantly adding to our online library with valuable videos for you to watch as you continue on this journey of improved health and the quality of your life. How to get access? Call us today to for a free trial class!


Contact number: 065 935 1106

Email: info@silverfit.co.za

Website: www.silverfit.co.za


Hear from our members

“I did the live online class this morning. It was fantastic to be able to do a class at home!!! Thank you for taking care of us all with regards to our exercise. I’m sure everyone will join me and saying – you guys are amazing.”
– Janis Fluxman

“Joining Silver Fit has been the best thing I have done for a long time. I joined in 2018 and anticipate being a life-long member. The classes not only enable me to exercise productively to the full extent of my capability but also provide camaraderie and friendship. The instructors are well trained and I feel so safe in their care.”
– Kathy Abraham

“I have been most impressed with the Silver fit team’s professional standard of delivery to their members. They quickly had pre-recorded lessons and then live sessions up and running. Their Thrive programme, newsletters and group leaders support chats and video clips all reflect an outstanding commitment to service delivery and a sense of genuine care for their clients.”
– Jackie Staniforth



Article by Kim Hauman, Silver Fit



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