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Some people think that natural remedies are not worth the money or find some of them a bit bizarre or far-fetched! You might find though that a natural remedy works better than over-the-counter medication! It may be worth a try…


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With the economy like it is and prices rising everyday, these products from your pantry may help your health and your pocket!


Check your pantry for everyday products that can help with a range of ailments.  There are many ailments that may not necessarily necessitate a trip to the doctor (unless it’s serious, of course) and you could save some money if you find that the natural remedy has actually worked. 

*Please note, however, that we do stress that you should see your doctor if your symptoms persist.*


Let’s look at these five natural remedies –


Turmeric and Honey – Nature’s strongest antibiotic

Experts have found that turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory properties and has been used in Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  It has been used in a myriad of complaints, such as respiratory issues, digestion problems, skin conditions and more.  It is however, also an excellent remedy for a cold.

Mix 1 tablespoon of organic turmeric powder with 100g honey in a glass jar.  Take ½ tablespoon of this remedy every hour for the first day.  On the second day, take the same dose, but every two hours.  And on the third day, take it three times a day.  Preferably melt the mixture in your mouth and don’t swallow it straight away.  You can also drink it in your tea.



Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Honey

This is reputed to be one of the most effective and healing combinations out there!   Some health experts say that this combo is ten times more efficient than penicillin.   Use this remedy to treat colds, infection, arthritis, gout and joint pain.  It is said to boost immunity, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. 

Mix 10 finely-crushed garlic cloves, 1 cup apple cider vinegar and 1 cup honey.   Blend this for 15 seconds.  Store in a glass jar in the fridge for no more than 5 days.  Stir the mixture every day.  Take 2 teaspoons of the syrup in the morning before you eat or drink anything.  The taste is very strong, so it might be preferable to combine this with a glass of water.


A natural antibiotic for bladder and kidney infections

For those who have suffered from bladder and/or urinary tract infections, you will know that they are extremely painful and unpleasant.  If the symptoms are severe, please see your doctor in case you are suffering from cystitis.

The natural remedy for this is: 250g root of well-washed parsley, 250g of the rind of organic lemons, 250g organic honey and 1 cup olive oil.  Chop the parsley and blend this well with the other ingredients.  Store the mixture in the fridge.  Take 1 tablespoon of the remedy every morning.  Drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses a day), as this does help to eliminate the bacteria from the bladder. 



Sinus infection sufferer?  Try this concoction…

Sinus infections, or sinusitis, bring on a multitude of unpleasant and painful symptoms such as a stuffy nose, headache, cough, fever, facial pain, etc.   Here is a homemade remedy for sinus infections that is often quite effective.

Boil ½ cup drinking water and pour it into a mug.  Add ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, stirring all of the time.  Cool, at room temperature.  Then add 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, and 1 tablespoon of honey.  Stir once more. Add 1 squeezed lemon and stir again.  Drink this remedy on an empty stomach in the morning, and again at night, before going to bed.  Drink daily until the sinus infection symptoms have been relieved.


An accumulation of phlegm in your lungs

Here’s a natural remedy for those who suffer from discomfort and breathing difficulties due to an accumulation of phlegm/mucus in the lungs. 

Cut a knob of ginger into pieces.  Peel a piece of the ginger an add it to a bowl with water.  Boil this and then leave it to cool for ¼ hour.  Once cool, pour into a glass container.  When you need it, add a teaspoon of coconut oil, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey.  Mix this altogether and drink it right away. 


We asked our readers which remedies have been handed down to them over the years and this is what they said:

Joyce R said “Garlic and cloves fried in oil for a chest and head flu, and  it worked! “

Elsa G said “Borstol for that cough. And caster oil every school holiday”

Glynnis M said “We were given a hot toddy of Port and lemon”

Bryan G said “Methiolate or Iodine for those “roasties”.


and while it isn’t a natural remedy as such, many of our childhoods were coloured (excuse the pun) by good old Mercurochrome,

Marina G said “I fell off my bike once and was so disgusted to go to school next day as I was nearly covered in Mercurechrome.”
We all relate to that trauma Marina See the source image



Do you have any natural remedies
that have been handed down over the years? 

Do consider sharing them with us on the form below– sharing is caring!!





Source:  Healthy Food House


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