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Your body does incredible things every day. The more you support it with exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the more it gives back. This is true for all stages of life and particularly as we age. Despite the benefits, the number of older adults engaging in physical activity is still relatively low.


The benefits of regular exercise are universal; helping to enhance mobility, improve balance, boost energy levels and promote overall well-being. From cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, functional training and group exercise classes, there is something for everyone. Where to start?

Joining a gym is a great way to access many different types of exercise under one roof.

Virgin Active is creating spaces that are modern and functional, with a variety of exercise experiences that allow members to choose between getting their heart rate up or nurturing their connective tissue, with the help of experts along the way. But the spaces are also about community and coming together with like-minded people. The focus is on social wellness and Virgin Active is instilling the idea that exercise is part of our holistic wellness journey.

The new Virgin Active app, available to all members, not only gives members access to on-demand workouts, class booking and membership info, but also puts Personal Trainers, Dietitians and Biokineticists in the palm of your hand.

Setting yourself up with a Personal Trainer is a great way to help you get started and achieve your exercise goals. They can build an exercise program that is tailored to your goals, whether you want to build strength, lose weight, tone up, or just to have someone to keep you accountable. Using the Virgin Active app, members can find a Personal Trainer at their club that matches their goals and budget. Personal Trainer packs that include an introduction session and 2 personal trainer sessions offer more value for money and are a great way to give it a try.

Everybody should have access to spaces and communities that help them live a healthy, active life. Virgin Active’s off-peak membership options are great value, allowing you to exercise at their clubs for less during selected hours.

Give your body what it deserves in 2024 – Join Virgin Active now. Our team are ready to welcome you to the club.




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