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Grab your golf clubs.  Take up tango!  Play with your grandchildren.  Walk on the beach.  There is no time like the present to embark on a little physical and mental tune-up!

Healthy retirees know how to keep the good times rolling!  They love activities for the mind, body and spirit.  Exercise is hugely important for seniors who often become less active the older they get.  The vicious circle of less activity can lead to more health problems and in some cases immobility.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some fun, low-impact, and some non-traditional ways that South African over-60s can get in shape – don’t forget to get your doctor’s approval before you embark on a new physical activity or exercise regime.

Romp with the grandchildren

There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with your grandchildren and simultaneously reap the benefits of physical activity.  Plus your grandchildren will think you are really “cool”!!



Dancing classes

Dancing is a great way to improve your balance and to prevent falls.  An instructor at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing in Nashville, Tennessee says:  “Dancing is a fantastic way to get some cardiovascular benefit, improve your coordination and balance, and meet local seniors who enjoy similar activities”. 

Grab those golf clubs

A great way to build endurance, golf is the perfect game for competitive seniors who enjoy the outdoors. 

Take up yoga

Low-impact exercise classes, such as yoga, reduces stress, lowers depression, improves quality of life and helps to improve strength, balance and co-ordination.  Yoga movements can be modified to assist those with less flexibility or those who have decreased lower or upper body strength. 



Mall walking

Walking in the fresh air is the best, but mall walking allows you to walk in all weather and provides a safe environment in which to walk.  In addition, the air-conditioning allows you to walk in the cool, which makes the walk a lot more comfortable!


A water workout is one of the most healthy and low-impact ways to exercise.  Water aerobics have been shown to lower back pain and improve body composition. 


Apart from doing wonders for your social calendar, bowling, a “whole body” exercise is an excellent endurance activity.    It speeds up your metabolism and maintains bone density. 



Four YEI business listing advertisers all advocating some form of exercise


Ageless Grace – click here

Fitness for Body and Brain – exercises are done seated to up-tempo music.

Deborah Nicholls from Ageless Grace says :  “Research shows that the proper kind of brain and body exercise can have a profound effect on the way you age.  Neurogenesis, the building of new brain cells, is possible at any age with the right exercise programme and the right brain and body exercise programme.  Ageless Grace exercise tools address the primary ageing factors of the body and stimulate the 5 primary functions of the Brain such as Strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imaginations and kinaesthetic learning. Exercises are FUN and easy to do.  Anyone, Any Age can participate.  Request a demonstration or join our class.”
Run Walk for Life – click here 

The Run/Walk For Life programme is a three-times-a-week exercise plan. This allows your muscles enough time to recover and reduces risk of injury. All of the walking and running programmes suit any age or fitness level and ability, and promote weight loss, stress relief and many other medical benefits.

Matthew Grossett, CEO of Run/Walk For Life has the following advice regarding exercise for senior citizens:  “in our 30 years of dealing with the exercising of senior citizens, we have found that exercising in a fun, relaxed bit structured environment provides the best results.  For it to be sustainable, your exercise regime needs to be relaxed, fun and results orientated.  The minute you see no benefit to exercising,  or you find it a grind, you will not sustain it.  For this reason we are very much in favor of GROUP exercise, where you get to meet and chat with friends while you get your exercise done


SA Seniors Fitness Association – click here

This seniors fitness exercise programme comprises flexibility, balance, poise, co-ordination, stamina, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises are set to enjoyable and stimulating music.


 George Golf Club – click here

George Golf Club has always been regarded as one of the country’s great layouts.  This is one of those courses that can be played again and again, and it grudgingly gives up its secrets to scoring well. No true golfer could ever tire of its charms or the local hospitality, and no matter how well or poorly the player might do, they will surely always want to come back for more.


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