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Are you thinking about ageing in place and turning your home into a safe and comfortable environment for the future? 

First things first – have you considered a stairlift?


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Frequently asked questions about Stairlifts


Since our earliest days in 1992, Acorn has strived to set new standards in quality and innovation for the stairlift industry. Our pioneering designs and engineering excellence have led the way and helped Acorn grow to become the world’s leading independent company specialising solely in the manufacture and installation of stairlifts. In order to assist you, we’ve listed some popular questions we’ve encountered when one is considering purchasing a stairlift.


How do stairlifts work? 

Our stairlifts have been designed and manufactured to travel on a single rail track that is mounted to your staircase. This can be moved by a toggle on the chairs arm or by a remote control. There are three main components to our lift. The motor, battery and gear.

Are stairlifts safe? 

Stairlifts are extremely safe, when installed by professionally competent persons. Acorn stairlifts are manufactured to the highest standard and all Acorn employed Engineers are trained to the highest standards.

Do stairlifts go around corners? 

Stairlifts can go around corners. Stairlifts can be fitted to most stair configurations, speak to Acorn who can professionally advise the best solution for your staircase, whether this be a straight or curved stairlift, the best solution will be offered depending on your circumstances. Here at Acorn Stairlifts we manufacture stairlifts to fit most staircase types, they can travel round corners, spiral staircase and across landings. Our stairlifts can be designed for each individual staircase.

How much does it cost to install a stairlift? 

The price of an Acorn Stairlift all depends on your own personal requirements and the configuration of your staircase. Each stairlift is tailor made to fit our customers’ needs and requirements. Our trained surveyors can carry out an assessment and give you an accurate quotation.

How wide do stairs need to be for a stairlift? 

At Acorn stairlifts we aim to fit even the narrowest of staircases. Our Acorn 130 needs only 661mm and Acorn 180 needs only700mm to ensure the customer can swivel around comfortably. One of our fully trained surveyors can assess your staircase to ensure a lift is possible.

Do stairlifts use a lot of electricity? 

An Acorn stairlift doesn’t use a lot of electricity and typically uses the same amount of electricity as a small television on stand-by. Our stairlifts operate by means of a battery system of which is charged by the mains supply and should there be a power cut / load shedding then the stairlift will still function with using the remainder of the charge left in the batteries. 

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