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Arthritis – how a Stairlift can assist

Posted By Marilynh / March 28, 2017 / 0 Comments


Arthritis can be either be mild and temporary or severe and progressive, affecting people of any age. The pain and stiffness of Arthritis often threatens one’s mobility and independence.

With simple modification of people’s homes they can regain their independence, stay in the home that they love and still carry out day to day activities they have always enjoyed.

Walking sticks and handrails are very well for general mobility around the home however what about climbing the stairs? A Stairlift is the perfect solution for managing stairs, it gives you the freedom to travel between floors. A Stairlift overcomes the barrier of whatever kind of stairs and is easy to operate.

For many people who are suffering with arthritis a Stairlift has become an essential accessory in their homes.    



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