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Two seasons are on their way: winter and the flu season.
It’s time to get your flu shot
– the immunity that the flu vaccination gave you last year will not protect you this year


Flu vaccine


As the days get shorter, the chilly mornings and evenings are a good reminder that there are two seasons on their way: winter and the flu season.

The immunity that the vaccination gave you last year will not be enough to protect you this year. The World Health Organisation recommends annual vaccinations because the virus mutates rapidly, and each year’s vaccination is different.

For the specialists who develop the flu vaccine, preparation for this year’s flu season began over six months ago. The research process is intensive: three different flu strains are assessed and the records of flu cases in 83 countries around the world are taken into account. The result is a vaccine which has proved its safety and effectiveness, year after year.

Getting vaccinated before the flu season starts will your body a chance to build up full immunity.

“This year, Clicks will be starting its vaccination programme on March 20,” says Pharmacist Waheed Abdurahman and Senior Category Manager at Clicks “We make the vaccination available in all our clinics well before winter starts because it can take up to ten days for the vaccination to reach its full effectiveness. We also want to make sure that there is enough time for the whole family to get their flu shots.”

flu season ahead

The vaccination is particularly important for people who are:

  • older than 50 years old
  • those who have liver, lung, kidney or heart diseases
  • people who are taking medication for HIV or who are receiving chemotherapy or long-term steroids
  • pregnant women and young children
  • healthcare workers and caregivers
  • people who work in crowded environments.

“You may experience mild flu-like symptoms as your immunity builds up,” Abdurahman says, “But most people have no problems with the vaccine at all. If you have a severe egg allergy, however, it is best to speak to your doctor before booking your appointment for the flu shot as there are trace amounts of egg protein in the vaccine.”

With over 380 Clicks Pharmacies across South Africa, flu relief is never far away.  Speak to your Clicks pharmacist about the right course of treatment for you and your family.  Visit or call 0860-254-257 for more information.

flu shot - elderly man

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