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The Golden Age of Reading

Posted By Marilynh / April 3, 2019 / 0 Comments

Enjoying a page-turning book
is not just an enjoyable hobby for seniors. 

Find out how it also enhances
your emotional and mental health.


AVBOB April 2019


 The world of reading can be overwhelming, especially when faced with different genres and topics of interest. The highly acclaimed author J.K Rowling once said, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” But how does one find a book they can really immerse themselves in?

Reading books continues to be the most productive and beneficial way to pass time in any setting, whether one is at the airport, coffee shop or at home. What type of books or reading material could one read in their golden years? Since we are in the fourth industrial revolution, books are now available in audio format and can also be read in digital format on devices such as your iPad, Samsung tablets and Kindle devices, making it easy to access books at all times.

AVBOB is a proud supporter of literacy initiatives and in 2018 published a memoir and a poetry anthology to mark their centenary year.

AVBOB’s memoir entitled, “From saving a people to saving a nation” is a beautiful and well-researched book about AVBOB’s history. The book reveals the tremendous growth of the organisation from a small hamlet in the Free State to a national footprint in the service of all South Africans.


AVBOB - April 2019


The Poetry anthology, entitled “I Wish I’d said…”  was the product of the AVBOB Poetry competition, which was launched in 2017, and showcases one hundred of the finest poems that were received from entrants across South Africa. The anthology can be ordered at www.naledi.online or 078 648 8616, and is available from most good bookstores. Alternatively, you can also visit the AVBOB poetry website at www.avbobpoetry.co.za to read these and more poems online for free.

Finding a good book can be a tedious exercise, as there is a wide variety of books to sift through. At AVBOB, we believe in steering you in the right direction. Here are some of the books we recommend for you to read:

  1. A Long walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela
  2. Cry the beloved country, by Alan Paton
  3. Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah
  4. The book of life: Change your Mind and Change your life – Jo Roderick
  5. A Man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Once you have your book list, you could consider starting a book club where you can discuss the books amongst your peers. If one is at an old age home, a book club could be set up with fellow residents in the home. What if you are not in a retirement village and would like to be part of a book club? Join the local library, they would have a variety of reading material and would be able to assist in setting up or finding a book club one could join. The next best thing is joining a virtual book club, which is a book club on a social media platform, where members choose their books and review them online.


AVBOB April 2019


Just like physical exercise works out your body, reading exercises your brain.  According to Home Instead Senior Care (www.homeinstead.com) the following benefits can be found in reading:

  1. Enhancing Memory
  2. Sharpening Decision-Making Skills
  3. Delaying onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  4. Reducing Stress
  5. Sleeping Better

With all the benefits that come with reading it will be worthwhile to pick up a book, a newspaper, or even magazine to assist in stimulating your mental function and passing the time.

Remember! AVBOB offers great benefits to its members, with AVBOB’s free funeral benefits which currently includes a free basic funeral to the value of R11 000, free transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa and R2 500 cash upfront to assist with funeral expenses, provided the funeral is conducted by AVBOB Funeral Service*. The free basic funeral includes a coffin from a specified range, the use of a hearse and gravesite equipment. If you are an existing AVBOB policyholder, please contact AVBOB on 0861 28 26 21 to find out how AVBOB’s R3,5 billion centenary special bonus, allocated to policyholders during 2018, may have benefitted you. 

Look out for AVBOB’s competition in the next issue where you can stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

*Terms and conditions apply





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