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SASSA Condemns Unemployment Grant Fake News

Posted By Angela Watkins / November 1, 2018 / 0 Comments



SASSA statement: The current WhatsApp advertisement
of a so-called unemployment grant for R2 200 and voucher is fake news


scam alert




SASSA has been inundated with enquiries regarding a WhatsApp advertisement of a so-called unemployment grant for R2 200. SASSA wishes to place it on record that there is no such thing as an unemployment grant or voucher that it distributes and that the advertisement wasn’t produced by government. SASSA condemns the peddling of this fake news with the contempt it deserves.

The authors of this fake news could be criminals who are trying to scam vulnerable and unsuspecting members of the public. The public is warned not to download the form that comes from the fake website on the advertisement as this could lead to possible identity theft. Government websites do not end with co.za and the public has to read such fine detail in order to identify some of these scams.

The public is also warned not to provide strangers with their personal documents such as ID and proof of residence. If something sounds too good to be true please verify with SASSA on 0800 60 10 11 before taking action.

SASSA is investigating the matter with a view of taking legal action against shameless scammers trying to rob the poor.

Issued on behalf of SASSA



SASSA – Grant for Older Persons


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