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Opportunity Private Capital is an 18-year-old boutique investment company that has been operating since 2006. We offer solutions that are suited for any private investor looking to invest capital in residential property developments in Cape Town.


The offerings allow investors to invest in the early stages of the property development cycle or in fully completed units (with tenants) once the construction is concluded. Historically, consistent marketing-beating returns have been achieved while simultaneously prioritizing protection on invested capital.

How is investors capital protected?

The primary foundation of the investment offerings is the protection of investor’s capital in the form of the development assets. Investors hold the property as security until their capital is repaid.

In addition, strict protocols are in place for the utilisation of the investor funds, with independent, professional parties checking and authorising the flow of any funds into the developments, and these parties are involved in this process until investors safely exit the investment.

Investment opportunities have been successfully completed for development projects in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape with a market value of over R 800 million. However, during the past 9 years the company’s focus shifted to involvement in developments located in high demand areas in Cape Town.

The current available investment offering differ from one another in that they suit investors with varied investment appetites:

Capital Investment

  • Projected returns once invested capital is deployed into developments are from 14% – 18% per annum.
  • Protection is in place for invested capital.
  • Last 5 Years – Average Returns to investors of 15.45% per year.

Monthly Income and Growth Investment

  • Receive monthly income plus capital growth on invested capital.
  • Protection in place for invested capital.
  • The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) over 5-year period: 14.03%

[Estimated Income Yield & Estimated Capital Growth over period combined, less costs]

Both these investment opportunities provide private investors access to investments in property developments located in Cape Town.

See what investors have to say:

“Like many other investors I look for certain things: security, attractive returns, track record and transparency. Opportunity ticks all these boxes with their innovative offering providing exceptions fixed returns and regular communication and updates from Nick and the team. As a repeat investor with Opportunity, I’ve enjoyed their professional approach and would recommend them highly!” David E.




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